Monks/Ice and beckhams 9incher

So hard boiled sweets, sucking candy, is supposed to be SUCKED upon, and not CHOMPED on, okay!!!! Therefore if another person, comes near me with a bag of ‘suck’em on’ candy, and starts CHOMPING visciously, they WILL get bitched slapped!! Just needed to let that out!

Went to a burmese Peace Pagoda today, which is basically a buddhist temple, with orange robed monks, who bless you, when you need blessing!! I couldn’t help but notice that the Burmese monk, that was blessing Me, was adorning, the whole orange robe shabam, plus ‘Homer Simpson,’ slippers!!! I’m confused??? How am i supposed to get to Nirvana or wherever, when my monk is wearing ‘Homer Simpson,’ slippers!! But nevermind, i’m sure it’s all good. I also got a band to wear around my wrist for good luck, and protection. It has kind of got tangled inbetween my diamonds, (ugh!) yet whatever, i’ll rock it anyway, since they spent so much time praying on it. I also got bored half way through the meditation chant thing, as i didn’t know what they were saying, so i decided to give the girl next to me a french manicure. Came out really nice!! haha! And it’s not as if anyone noticed anyway, as they all had their eyes closed.

I’ve got to write this blog quick, as it’s vital i watch Chris Fountain win Dancing on Ice, (my favourite show) just incase, he wants to wiggle his hot little ‘bajonga’ (don’t know where that came from) skating arse, in my direction!! oooh-laaaa!!! Mama loves you!!!

Not much else has happened today, as its Sunday, but i am about to grab a beer really quickly and whilst  i do, lets all mourn for poor Victoria Beckham, who wants to be back in England, because she misses her mum. Awww…! As if!! We all know thats just code for, tried to be a Spice Girl again, and it failed miserable, because EVERYONE is OVER crap songs like Wannabe, plus i’m not remotely famous in america and now my hot husband is in LA, and all the young glittery hollywood totty, seems to  be all up on his 9 incher and then some, whilst I…(wait for it)..keep trying to sing crap songs like ‘Wannabe!’ Take your own advice, and ‘STOP right now!!’ (thankyou very much!) Just be his ‘not so’ Posh  wife, and be happy for godsake!!

And on that note, i shall love you and leave you!!!


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