Money Money Money

Just got a surprise cheque through the mail!! LOVE IT!! There’s something about getting cheques that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside…like i must have achieved something quite wonderful, in order for someone to give me their fine earned pences!! I truely love it!! I’m a Lady of Leisure, (due to a lucky upbringing… don’t give the roll of the eyes, i’ve lived and learnt the hard way, so up yours…lol) so receiving a little surprise cheque, is an extra ‘buzz.’ I’m like ‘What did I do? Oh yeah, i was GREATNESS!’ I know money isn’t supposed to make you happy, but it sure as hell puts a smile on my face…and EVERY time!! I can’t decide whether a rich person made that saying up, to make a poor person feel better about themselves, or whether a poor person made it up, to piss off a rich person??? I want to gleefully jump through the air, shower myself with it and rub it all over my naked body. It makes me that happy. I did that with $1 bills once. But I was at work, it was someone else’s change and it definitely wasn’t  money that was to be thrown through the air…especially not whilst screaming, ‘I’m RICH, I’m RICH!’ lol… So bad!

I’ve just tried to post a picture on my site, yet ‘Content Control’ restricted my access to CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM. (‘cos it’s soooo naughty.) Erm…I AM Chrissie Wunna. (hahah.) I’m not even allowed to post a picture of MYSELF, on my OWN site, unless i prove i’m of an appropriate age!! Hilarious!! I love it!! I called them…it’s sorted, yet the cold air is killing me out here!! It’s freezing and it’s stressing me out!! I’m stroking pussies (as in my kittens) though, in order to free myself of my eletrically charged stress. Hopefully, they’re not absorbing it. But i think one is. She’s started to act like a bit of a slut now.

Anyway, my life is ‘Wunnaful.’ I’m happy, i’m excited and i’m keeping it SEXY!! I lurve sexy!!! (Slag alert! Dirty Bitch!) I’m loving every minute of blogging for you guys, and i have that glint of mischief in my eye…i guess it means something ‘tut, tut, tut’ is about to happen. OOoh Laaaa! Sends a tingle to all the right places. Hope you can feel it too!!

I need to call LA! x

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