Miss Romance- Behind the scenes


Here’s a little cheeky, sneaky, peeky at one of the things i’ve been smearing my reputation on. I’m actually not gonna tell you too much, as once i open my mouth (ooh matron) i can’t really shut it and i’ll ruin everything. (Which i am quite good at!)  But i will tell you…that it’s a lovely lovely, tongue in cheek show, that is all about finding the ‘fairytale’ in you…and it will be on a computer screen near you (we’re ahead of our times)…to have a bit of a ‘will i like it’ gander at. It’s called ‘Miss.Romance.’ I play ‘Miss.Romance.’ (yeah i know…i have to act and everything and i’m really only used to ‘acting a fool.’) But I do want you all to love it. It’s a really easy watch…when drunk. And well it’s really difficult to be briefly interviewed about a ‘show plot,’ by a hot brazilian, when all you’re doing is imagining him naked. 🙂

‘And how you feel?’ (‘Nervous’– Code for: like i need you NAKED!)

Oh and that room was my dressing room, and by the end of the day, due to my ‘friendly’ (i mean drunk) reputation.. it was filled to the brim with nut jobs, fans, Mini meez, drag queens and peppermint teas. Not to mention the foulest of whore ridden language. 🙂 (haha..i love how i’m already ruining the promo for the show! Most people ask for M& M’s..i demanded ‘DRAG QUEENs’, insanity and roses.)

Fucking LOVE my life!!

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