Miss.Goody Goody Two Heels

Okay, problem over. I’m not rebellious AT ALL…i’m actually rather obedient. After having my *moment* of ‘DIVA. My moment of ‘let me be free’ and take all my fine clothing off to flaunt my goods for the world to see…it seemed i was over it. This is why i encourage you delicious lovely ‘beings’ of ‘ooh laa,‘ to blog. Once you write, type, or release something out of your system, you are then a lot more OVER it, than you think!

I mean, as soon as i hit ‘publish’ on the below entry, where i am sooo ‘naked garden of eden’ (*giggle-wink*) within one second of seeing it, looking at it, re-reading it…i was over it. My moment of ‘rebellion’ was almost nearly pointless. I must have felt like i wasn’t getting enough attention or something? Yet, not to worry…I’m filing that mis-hap under ‘Oopsie!’ Like i said before, i’m in a position to where a great deal of young kittens are placing me in a model of ‘role,’ with the word ‘Good‘ infront of it. I’m quite child-like underneath it all, because i feel like i missed out on a normal everyday life…therefore in a way i learn from my Wunnarettes. Infact, i  learn from you. Mistake-making is okay, provided you try not to make them and when you do, you learn from them, no matter how hard the *bump back down* to reality is. From now on, once again, i’m dusting myself off, putting my tiara back on and reaching for ‘good role model’ pedastal. *Puts bra back on.* (Infact, Wazza has just sent me a message reading ‘stop putting boobies on your blog!’) The awful thing about last nights *boobie* blog…was that it made my stats go up…which i guess is kind of what’s wrong with cyberland right now. I shouldn’t really be encouarging it. But i am a Wunna afterall…which means the odd impulsive moment of bad behaviour…which is code for ‘i’m a dickhead,’ is mildy acceptable.

Annnnnyway, last night i went for a bottle of red with Pete. (My Loverboy, who as we know means so much to me right now. I’m not afraid to say that. I’m proud! Love is a wonderful thing..it keeps us all together, out of harm and happy.) He picked me up last night, and i was in this odd choice of outfit, due to my rebellion. Usually, when i see him, i’ve picked a sweet, pretty dress of ‘class’ to wear…and i do LOVE a dress of ‘power, fun and glamourous deliciousness.’ Last night, i chose a tiny denim skirt, my mid-drfit out, a tight tiny white cardy and a navy blue tie. Yeah, it was sexy…infact, i kinda loved it. However, it was a bit porn starry and well whilst we were sat in our local pub, he looked at me and said, ‘one day i need to take you shopping.’

We drank, we talked, but we weren’t how we usually are. I mean, we were loving, but it was like something was wrong? I was fine at first, but i couldn’t help but notice that he seemed like he wasn’t. I mean he just filed it under ‘I’m tired from working so much and not getting enough sleep…but i love you, it’s fine.’ We drank half our bottle of vino vino and took the rest with us, as we reminised about the past i guess. I think we need to stop talking about the past and concentrate on the future. We’re an amazing couple…and well i want it to stay that way. I’m not sure what went wrong last night? However, i think, one of the main things that people do wrong in relationships is commiting to the art of ‘making mountains out of molehills.’ I work the opposite way. I’m usually always in trouble, which causes a ‘moutain’ and well i make it a pokey little ‘mole-hill’…with a *wink* and a bit of  ‘ooh.’ I love this boy more than anything…I told him exactly that. We cuddled. We kissed. Infact, i’m getting a little flash back of when he had my left hand in his hands. He was stroking my hand, almost studying it and telling me that he couldn’t believe them were real…’They’re tiny, like dolls hands, I can’t believe i never noticed that before?’

Luckily, (moving forward) we ended up being great again… after a rather *misty* start and yes…we had *hanky panky.* He was loving, sweet, sexy, and a lot more ‘talkative’ (wink wink) then ever before..which I REALLY like. I find it extremely sexy. I actually had my knee in a cup holder for part of the ‘joy.‘ (OUCHY!)  We definitely need to move in together. I’m a baby Glamour puss. I’m only allowed tiny bruises on knees, when they can be labelled ‘party scars.‘ I can’t have knee bruises from cup holders. *Hair toss.*

He drops me off at mine, and we talk, cuddle and realize that it’s now 1am. We actually talked about a lot of things in that time, we always do. Thankfully, we’re in love and i’m gonna try and dedicate a lot of time to being the love of his life. I never have before, with any other man and maybe that’s where i’ve been going wrong? He loves me, for Me and i really do like that, because it’s something this kitty cat isn’t used to. I’m weirdly learning what life is actually about and it has nothing to do with ‘fame & fortune’ and ‘awards’ and ‘power’…it’s all about love and happiness, giving love, having love, recieving love and spreading love. It’s about life and enjyoing the one you have. When you have love and happiness, nothing else matters.


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