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Today has been one of those days where in which you accidentally achieve a lot, without you actually realizing. I mean, doing well by accident…is always great. Doing well on purpose is just as good…however, it doesn’t have the same *punch* or *gusto* to it, does it? I’m not really one to believe that people are just kinda lucky, as I truly do think that people work hard and then succeed on purpose. (Apart from that guy that won the lottery TWICE. FFS) However, most of the time, I am what they call ‘lucky,’ and to be honest, i’m pretty goddamn grateful for it. (Good looks, a working brain and luck. πŸ˜‰ What more can a girl ask for? I mean, I don’t get why I don’t have tons of guys lining up? Well…I kinda sort of do, except to me nothing is a ‘numbers game’ as it’s all about quality. Meaning that there that might be a lot to pick from, the the quality of the crowd is pretty damn grim… πŸ™‚ Aside from the odd one or two of you. πŸ™‚ )

Enough of that!

I’ve had a great day!

The babies are obviously in bed. I’m blogging with a gin at midnight because I can’t sleep. Junior’s been a star all night. Ruby has some crazy fever, flu thing, so keeps waking up every two seconds, hallucinating ans shouting ‘SPIDERS! SPIDERS!’ (Yes. Odd.) I’ve thought it was Thursday all day and have no clue why? I mean, the little voice in my head kept having to remind me that it wasn’t Thursday ALL DAY. It must’ve felt like a Thursday because I was happy. Β (Technically, it’s past midnight now, so it’s definitely and finally Thursday. Plus, I’m only happy on Thursday because I know it’s almost Friday. πŸ™‚ It’s how i roll….. and on a unicorn?)

Literally LOADS of ‘everything that i bought’ has shown up today. It’s a nightmare! I feel really bad for my retired neighbours, as i’m at work all day every day, so the mail man keeps delivering all my goods to their homes, in order for them to pass on to me later. Today, one of them knocked and just said (with a smile) ‘Two pairs of shoes,’ then walked off. πŸ™‚ I got some more kicks, but this time in white. I needed them at the time, but now i’m not bothered? I gave my mum a pair, simply because they looked like they’d fit her better. (These were some other trainers that I bought from sketchers. Not the Adidas ones that I got today.)

*Sips gin.*

I’m working hard, I’m doing well, the lash line is going fab, i’m almost going to be in the forest and on June 12th i’m going to be on the River Thames, frolicking and jiggling with my Forbidden night ‘male burlesque’ boys at or do you say ‘on’ a VIP boat party. (Very London. Very fun. I can’t wait. I mean, i’ve been dying to go watch them again, yet work and babies has just been so full on, that i’ve had no time to shoot down to London. FYI, I have a Plus 1 for this, But one of my guy friends, from school wants to go?)

I’m out this Friday and i’m really looking forward to it. I truly hope it’s still sunny and well after my massage (yes I had it….it killed, but i needed it to be that way, ) I actually feel much better, so i’m wanting to have a good old time with the boys. Ben’s actually invited me out again…as I guess the whole point to us all going out is because after (and this is gym boy talk) ‘bulking up’ he’s going to be ‘stripping’ down, to lean out which means no drinking for a while? Who knows? Whocares? Let’s get drunk for nothing! I mean, it’s all for a good cause, plus i’m really loving my time with Ben, Dodge, Rich and the boys. I actually can’t decide if Ben sort of fancies me or not? But if he does, he’s done it a clever way by accident, because he started himself off in ‘friend zone’ which is the best way to pull a ‘Wunna.’ I mean, now that i’m old, i’ll always go for the boy that I feel most comfortable around, provided that i’m attracted to them…as love to be is friendship and companionship. That’s what lasts a lifetime…not a tan and a six pack. (See! I’m learning…finally.)

I need to go to bed as it’s nearly 1am here in England. I’m sat on my landing in leopard print pj’s, blogging on my pink notebook. I’m in the mood for something amazing to happen and i KNOW that something is brewing as i can feel it in my bones. It’s that secret internal *buzz* of excitement that you get when you can’t stop smiling because you just know that life is going to whop you out some amazingly good magic. (No, i’m not on pills.)

I’m a chick who just buzzes off life, living and love and there’s something in the air right now, be it work, love or life….that i can just FEEL is about to pop out of nowhere! (I’m excited.) It feels ‘WUNNAFUL.’

By the time you read this (British folk…) it’ll be Thursday and you’ll all be up and running to work. If you’re in any other country…enjoy!

Love you.

Wunna x


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