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Woohoo! Morning all! How beautifully brimming is it outside!! It feels half ‘snow laiden’ and half ‘looks like we’re in Ibiza.’ I’m loving it all. The ‘magic’ of Christmas is definitely upon us and the streets are full of love, ‘taking’ and drunks. Oooh my favourite! I love that i was born during a time where reindeers could fly and all that juicy jingo. There’s tinsel on tits, there’s men dressed as elves, there’s lights, there’s glitter, there’s cuddles, there’s magic and to top it all off, we’re given gifts for no real reason whatsoever. No wonder i’m 84% whacked and a little bit camp. It’s amazing. I mean i first opened my eyes to this madness and was told it was normality and plonked on an old red saucy mans lap for pictures. No wonder i have a sexy dispositon? Now wonder i love an uneccessary amount of picture taking? No wonder i always expect gifts! I was told this behaviour was NORMAL. I can imagine. I mean being born in

I’ve actually woken up a bit grumpy to be honest to Elves and yelling. (Oh the joys of yelling. Now i enjoy a bit of yelling, but not before i’m fully awake…as i simply can’t function correctly and join in without stumbling.) But i’m doing dandily. (Period soon.) I mean i’ll pay attention to you, if i want to pay attention to you and not because you are forcing me too. I currently have a sprinkle of people around me who always need my attention. It drains me of life force and well (i know it’s awful) but I’m not to keen on people of  that delicious nature. Have my ‘company‘ because you enjoy the ‘Love of the Wunna’ and not because you just need someone (who is seen as a being, that society hails as ‘Popular,) to watch you, validate you and praise you. You’re all a lot more Wonderful than you believe you are, and you do not need other people to constantly tell you that you are. Find your confidence, and rock it. And know that confidence is not something you gain via association. Love who you are and cheer the balls up. (Passes you a sip of my meths…)

Anyway, I’ve spent the morning, replying to all my messages, tweets, inboxes, emails, from all of you lovely pieces of ‘ooh laa.’ And well thankyou very much for all the love. It means a great deal. (I think that’s why i’m a bit grumpy with my current company right now. A lot of my friends don’t realize how much work i actually do. I use a lot of my free time, pouting and drinking…i know. (Haha..woohoo) But the rest of it, is spent replying to the world individually….listenning to your stories…your life…your world. I reply to everyone (well apart from the the perverts…lol…i’m sure they know i love them) and yeah it’s getting rather difficult now…but i’m doing it like a Champion and more importantly fucking LOVING IT! My Facebook birthday greetings have already a started and well thankyou dearly for them all. I turn 29 TOMORROW and I’m actually really excited. (I was telling Jonny last night, how i would never wanna do my 20’s again. I’d never come out of it alive. I’ve made my mark. I finally feel whole. There’s no going back. I fumbled through it…and well it’s a complete and utter victory to be almost  29 and know who Chrissie Wunna is. I’d never turn the clock back.)

Im getting rather a lot of male attention right now. Poems, gifts, letters, love…you name it, it’s coming my way and i’m grateful. I mean everyone likes to know where a bit fancied, right? I’m kinda just enjoying my birthday time, to keep me out of trouble for a day or so. But it’s deeply flattering, and completely massages my rather tragic ego. Hahaha…I’m getting your messages, don’t worry. I’m just taking a couple days off. (lol.) However, i didn’t enjoy the booty calls last night. It *shocked* me up and i didn’t know where i was. Know that i’m looking for the man of my dreams, someone i can settle down with, take home to my Daddy, have children with and cherish. Not someone who can only talk to me when they’re pissed at 3.02am. (Don’t get me wrong liquid courage is dandy…but…well just, but.) I mean there’ s boys i’ve just slept with or made out with….but i’m quite idealistic when it comes to true love believe it or not. You can ask my ex-hubby.  (The first part of our relationship was based on ‘love letters’ nothing more. We lived apart.) Like no word of a lie here…i would honestly love to date someone and it be all innocent, but true and loving, but fun, and forever..Then the actual first time we ‘do the deed..the shimmie shimmie shake,’ (which should be all romantic and perfect) it’s magical, right and we make darling baby….so i can dress it like a  I like fairytale love and it happens, you just need a boy that believes the same and there’s plenty who do.

Just because i have a vixen ‘ooh’ side to me and i’m a joker, a little bit cheeky and filled with ‘silly silly.’ It doesn’t mean i don’t look into the sky on nights (just like you) and wish for the man of my dreams. (But for now… 😉 Hahaha.)

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