Merry Merry Maid


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 Feeling much better. Woken up to a bunch of people who made me realise how important friendship is. I’m over the pathetic ‘sad face,’ over the drama and smiling at the future. But mainly because i forgot I have a pretty good one. Plus i’m totally in a naughty maids outfit!! BOOYAH!!! Yeah bitches! I love being a girl.
Oh! Oh! And not only did i get called a ‘salad dodger’ in the street this morning, by a 20 year old little missy, with emotional problems and far too many bobbles in her hair. But yesterday i had a boy suggest that He questioned my attractiveness and said it to me quite bluntly in order to hurt me. Girls… do not let boys say things like that to you…it is NOT okay! It’s their way of battering down your ego, in order to make themselves more powerful for a second. It’s a simple bully tactic. I had a moment of weak, but now i feel strong, because i’ve pulled myself together, got my head straight and remembered that i’m not a little girl. I’m a fucking AMAZING. And not a force to be reckoned with!

My best friend reminded me that i’ve pretty much made my living on my attractiveness. Therefore all that ‘talk’ is just minor ‘silly bitch’ bullshit. I’m not bothered what anyone thinks or says about me. I’m doing really well. I’m living MY life. I’m learning to keep myself to myself a lot more. I’m loving all your messages (Thankyou to my little Wunnerettes, who have been the loveliest little femmes.) I’m proud of who i am, and you should be to. Work ‘IT’ out!!!! Always try and keep ya head straight and be calm. It helps you a great deal more. And try and be positive. I hate negative people. It’s important to calm yourself down before you say something you don’t mean. I’m over all that.

I’m currently at work…filming, (can’t tell you about it.) I started at 5.30am this morning. I’m on a little  ‘can’t eat this sushi’ lunch break and being sprayed in something that spurts out gold. There’s also a sausage dog circling around me. It’s longness is confusing me? I have an interview at 2pm for an American magazine, then an energy drink meeting straight after and i’m a bit worried because i looked at my notes and all i seemed to have written is ‘blah, blah, blah’ followed by doodles, then the lyrics to ‘ sexy back.’ (Lol.) And they actually want to see my notes!!!!! (Hahha..) I’m back to work and LOVING it. I’m doing what i do best. And here we go…’i’m pouting, i’m winking, and i’m working ‘it’ like a Glamour Puss.’ I have a Wunnaful (haha that was tragic) life of deliciousness and i’m really gonna start living it now. I’m not gonna let anyone rain on my parade of Greatness. It’s not fair, it’s not cool and well…i’m taking the elevator up!!! This bitch

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