Men Suck


You have my sincerest and most delicious apologies for not blogging over the last couple of days, but dollies…when the sun is out in jolly old England and out to a degree where tan lines (even though I despise them) may occur, you’ve just got to abandon ship, whip on your bikini top, grill up the barbecue…and enjoy.

I have been through so much over the last few days and although i’ve always been fond of throwing caution to the wind and galloping through the ‘heavens’ with a smile and a wink…let me tell you, as always I’ve finding MEN (and when I say ‘MEN,’ I only mean my husband)…annoying. Oh and when I say annoying, I mean so annoying, and so fed up of hearing him moan, especially when I’m sunbathing, (I mean, honestly now, if you can’t lay back and enjoy the sun with a smile, then you have a problem,) that we’re now on separation mode, because he thinks i’m a ‘bitch’ and unless I change my evil, bitchy ways…lol…he’ll leave. It ended with me saying, ‘I’m not changing.’ Now we’re not talking…and I don’t intend to talk. With me, there’s a tolerance line and after that line has taken a kicking and i’m hearing moaning..and it’s more the moaning more than anything, I get fed up, bored and change everything. I mean, if a boy is going to  moan and moan about how much he hates being with you and how he doesn’t like you and how he only stayed with you the entire time because of your little daughter Ruby, AFTER you’ve just carried his child for 9 months..then he’s not worth his title of ‘Man,’ nor title of ‘Husband,’ is he? Alongside the moaning, the fact that he is simply unable to take responsibility for his own actions and always has to blame someone else for them is mighty annoying. He’s one of those that will say, ‘I’ve not gone out drinking all the time.’ Then you prove times when he has and he then says, ‘Well YOU DROVE ME TO DO IT.’ *Rolls eyes.*

Lesson time: No-one DRIVES someone to DO make your own choice to DO SOMETHING and the consequences of YOUR DOING is your own fault.

He fails to accept. Most men who are like that are annoying. Like men who cheat on their girlfriends. ‘You drove me to do it.’ When really they chose to do it and now it doesn’t look too nice they need to blame something so they don’t feel guilt.

But that’s not the problem, the problem is that i’m an apparent ‘bitch,’ and I’m not. Like my Daddy says, ‘My daughter doesn’ t have a short temper, she just has a quick reaction to bullshit.’ 🙂 I’m not a pansy, a wall flower, who sits and lets bad things happen, or people act disrespectfully and all the way just nods and smiles and lets the madness continue. I’m a firecracker and i’ll speak my mind and then some.

The bizarre thing is that we went on a really long walk around the village woods the other day with Junior and life, love and pretty much everything was fine. Apparently not, he’s not liked being with me for ages. (So he says and he’s one to say what he doesn’t mean in anger and then try to ‘sorry’ over it all. This tine it’s obviously hasn’t worked.) So, I said, if you don’t like it leave. He didn’t and won’t. So i separated us because I don’t and no girl wants to be with a guy who claims he doesn’t want to be with you, or just stayed with you because of your daughter and not out of love.

Today, I got things back to sizzle quite quickly and i’m oddly not feeling sad. I feel great. I had two interviews today and I looked quite corporate yummy. 🙂 I knew that I was yummy because young suited executives were asking me out and doing ‘blushy’ faces at me. That was in Leeds. I’m home now and well my lovely Daddy was my baby nanny today. I love my daddy. The funny thing is Ruby’s nursery was closed today due to flooding, so he had a full mad house on his hands, with a grumpy Keiran trying to hide upstairs wit Junior. (Why bother?)

Luckily and as always i have giant ‘Team Wunna’ support and i thank you all for your kindness. Men will always be a problem in my life and well these days i find it funny. I’m bot bothered. I’m not changing. I adore my kiddiwinkles. I’m going back to work. I’m a gem. I’m sexy. And most of all i’m happy. If a guy can’t find the ‘happy’ in his world and concentrates on the bad, when he’s caused reason to me to bark up. (Dogs don’t bark at parked cars.) AND moans when i’m sunbathing, then that’s his problem. If he doesn’t want to be with me…that’s again his problem and he can change that. Well I have already, since he was evil.

For now, i’m happy and why wouldn’t I be…The sun’s out, I have a wine. I have Ruby wiggling at me and my interviews went amazingly. Hellooo dollar, dollar! He’ll learn. Right now I think he’s an idiot, what dude moans about his relationship and how much he doesn’t like you after you’ve just carried his child. He can take his sorry moany arse elsewhere.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of Ruby and I, taken this morning! Just to keep you all chipper and boujified:



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