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Woke up with a cat on my face, a baby to my right and baby blue streamers in my hair. Now…kittens on faces, no matter how cute, is never acceptable. Babies..if they’re yours are always acceptable. (Even if they’re repeatedly smaking you in the face, in order to wake you up and finding the process funny, all at the same time.) Baby blue party streamers, made of tissue is beyond me? I’m all for a good time. Yet when you haven’t had one the night previous, but you’ve managed to wake up with them littered through your entire hair…we have a problem. 🙂 I have no idea where they’ve come from. But whatever, i’ll give myself a few points for that.

Pete aka ‘Loverboy’ is currently pissing me off. He can’t seem to manage to wake up AT ALL, whilst i get ready for work, in order to watch and play with baby Ruby. Why? Because he’s been out and about the last couple nights. What a loser excuse!! I mean, by all means go play ‘socialite.’ However, there’s no point in doing that if you can’t handle your business, your responsibilities, your ‘ooh laa.’ Instead of helping out, waking up, tending to our ever yummy bambino…he’s still in bed…moaning. ‘Chrissie i’ve had NO sleep!’ Erm..? I believe i’ve had almost half an hours sleep and with a fucking CAT on my face. Yet i’m all pinstriped up, groomed and ready to work. He has ..oh yeah? NOTHING AT ALL to do today, but look after our little cutie. How annoying! Men can be soo tedious. I mean they’re the only thing that often seems to have disturbed me through my entire life. 🙂

If he can’t take the ‘party’ pace AND be a Daddy. Then don’t play. Pick ya sorry ass ball up and stay the b’jeeze home. When he tries, he’s wonderful. Yet, even with the new kitten, i’ve notcied that he wanted it, wanted it, would’ve died if he didn’t have it immediately. Got it and THAT evening, because he couldn’t at all wait and now i’m here having to look after it, as he seemingly lacks his initial enthusiasm for it.

He’s now rambling on about how i can seem to function, on no sleep. Yet he can’t. Hmm..i do have eyes! I can see that! But like i said, if can’t handle being up past your bedtime…then don’t be. Today, i feel like i have no time for ME and like i’m having to pick up the pieces to everyone elses tragic life. Lol.

I have a really sore throat today. It feels as though i’ve been dragging acorns down my throat. However, i’m happy, the sun seems to be out. My lovely Mummy, has Ruby this evening, as usual. My mum adores baby Ruby and well with her being in Burma for the last 10 days, there is nothing she needs more than a cuddle from the tootie fruity of my loins.

Anyway, got to get to work. What a morning!

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