Men, men, silly men…

Pete is straight up pissing me off! He’s going through this weirdly, lazy, sloth-like, DIVA, stubborn phase and when you powder that over in a distinct lack of intellect. (I’m the brains of our operation believe it or not and he’s the yeah we’re fucked.) But let me tell you. I’m fed up! (However also remember that i am currently on my period and after being preggo for a jolly ages, the feelings of my new ‘flow’ are once again…not much of a disco.)

We argued last night, after a pretty wonderful day, over dim sum. 🙂 We had just got done watching ‘social media.’ (I movie i had never seen but LOVED! There’  nothing i find more attractive than a Harvard Grad, mildly geeky, brain box. I am a glamour puss, who adores a man of that kind and because they hold my attention for longer than a minute.) Therefore i’m already disappointed that Pete didn’t invent Facebook by 11pm and this was before the dim sum.

Anyway, we’re starving. It’s too late to order out. Therefore we go to our only option, which is midnight raid the freezer, to find the little chunk sof overly frozen, forgotten shit.

We found dim sum. We steamed them.

20 minutes later, they’re cooked and we’re having a giant argument because Pete is refusing to eat them (in our hour of starvation) due to not knowing ‘where they had come from?’ HOW RUDE! I’m fucking starving and asian! I can’t at all remember what happened them, due to fatigue hazing over me! But, then we got into some trivial conversation about scabs. I think i was making him eat one to prove that the dim sum DID actually taste better than the scab, after he claimed they were of the asme calibre. Lol. Lord knows? But it ended (after i questioned his skills as a father) with ‘I’d do more for her, than i’d ever do for YOU Chrissie !!’ #anotherhappycutsomer.

Long story short, i made him sleep on a mattress in the living room, where he will now stay until i feel better. 🙂 I still haven’t forgiving him yet. I’m telling you…it’s the period.


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