Men are from Penis, Women are from Mars

Good my morning my Darlings! Woke up with a cat on my head today…bad start to any day. So i was gonna grumble on about how my love life is simply falling apart at the seams due to a distinct lack of ‘people good enough.’ I was also gonna tell you how i’m taking a mild disliking to men who get a fit of the ‘green eyes monster’ if their female is doing better than them in life and I don’t just been career wise and financially…i also mean in ‘life’ in general. Y’know that good old art of happiness. It’s funny because i told ‘latin Lover’ how well i was doing last night and he just kinda of got all insecure, jealous and overwhelmed with inadequacey and decided to be a (whats the word…?) Oh yeah…BASTARD. I’m soo use to thsi with guys now…that i just listen and let them hang themselves to their merry tune of ‘future regret.’ I hung up saying he simply just plonked himself in the category of ‘you’re just the same as everyone else,’ (he acted very macho at the time.) He swore he didn’t even care…then this morning (as i predicted) i look in my Myspace inbox and theres a message of ‘Sorries and i love yous.’ I’m done. My inbox is always blooming with ‘sorries and regret.’ I have enough in me. I don’t need an inbox load  more to weigh down my space. lol

It’s like i don’t like guys who can’t hack a girl doing better than them in life and i can’t hack a guy who has no ambition, and has nothing going on in his life, due to ‘can’t be arsed’ syndrome and is very supportive to a girl doing better than him…so he can bathed in her riches. Its a tragic catch 22. I do like a guy on the same playing field, on the same level but i prefer a man to be a little bit more successful than me i think? It makes me have more respect for them them. I’m impressed. I admire them for their achievements. I work harder at being a decent girlfriend…because like i said before i am a pretty shit one. lol

For someone who wasn’t gonna talk about any of that. I sure as hell rambled on about it for a jolly two paragraph mess. Anyhow, life is dandy. I have two little work offers in from being seen on the show. I’m in the Yorkshire Post today for being the TV Princess of the North. I’ve just done an another interview for something else  and i have a shoot at 2.30pm, that i actually should start getting ready for.

Chrissie Wunna

3 thoughts on “Men are from Penis, Women are from Mars”

  1. i wouldnt be botherd if my bird was doing better than me coz at the end of the day she will be happy and smiling and not moaning so u will have a break from all that bunny. and in al seriosness if u realy like the girl u will be happy for her that all her hard work and dreams are beginnning to pay of. like i would expect my bird to be happy if it was vice versa. u dont know what u want do u chrissie u are like the girl wo wants her cake and eat it. u want a fella to be competative but who can swallow it when someone betters him. i am ambitios in a way and iam earning alright boe but i aint ever gonna change the worl i am just a geeza from essex who likes bird and beer

  2. no it is actully a good quality chrissie but it would be murders coz u would always do the wrong thing trying to do the right thing if u know what im saying babe


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