Meetings, Monkies & an X-tra Large Willy

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Due to my sheer idiotic ‘Greatness’ and warped sense of saucy humour…I am being an impossible act to follow. (Applaud here please.) I’m blowing people (oooh-er) out the murky waters with an ‘ooh laa’ galore. I’m feeling more popular than ever right now. I don’t even know how all of this is happenning? But my blog is getting hailed as one of the  ‘most interesting’ things to read (which cracks me up) and i’m doing an interview today for a magazine that wish to feature Me because i’m apparently on my way to being one of this generations biggest inspirations in cyberland. (I always thought ‘midget-doo-daa- porn’ was…but NO my pretties, you can add the name ‘Chrissie Wunna’ to that catergory of sheer marvel. Yes you can!) I’m a Cyberlebrity! Fuck i only have 5 more minutes to write this whole blog. I have meetings today….only 3, but good ones! (I’m doing them all in pink and fur boots.)

2 thoughts on “Meetings, Monkies & an X-tra Large Willy”

  1. There are several visuals in that story that I wish hadn’t come to mind. 🙂

    Yup – the man with the giant willie should never had tried to kill you, nor should he have kidnapped you to New York and created a situation where you were stuck on the streets for 2 days…though I’m putting that image of the 2 Orthodox Jew boys making out int my next movie, somehow. 🙂


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