Meaty Shovels

Measured hands sizes this morning. I was laid in bed, after a teary ‘Drama Queen’ night. My Mother (bless her) joined me, and as we laid back talking about life, we put our hands in the air, and sized them up. I have long fingered, artistic, hands of Gods. They’re delicate, thin, only very small, but all in all, a great set. My Mum, on the other hand…(ha-ha) has short, chubby, ‘meaty shovels.’ She says they’re ‘practical’ hands, and not just created to be looked at, but also to actually be USED. They’re so cute, you could do you’re gardening with them, y’know scoop up mounds of dirt, and worms. I kissed them, then suddenly remembered she’s a Gynacologist!! (Eww…!!) Those meaty fingers, have been rummaging around infected vaginas, and warted penis. I guess, they do get used? Her hands are SLUTS!

I’m really into girls, right now. (Not like that, you pervs!! I could never fancy a girl. I am one, we’re trouble!!) I mean, i’m into having a glorious bundle of friends who are of the fun ‘girlie’ variety. My friends are usually ALL boys, but there’s something about a girls night out, that is getting my juices flowing. I love being a girl, it’s the most marvellous thing you could ever be. You get to wear frilly socks, big smiles, and boob tubes, whilst wiggling. I need a ‘Girls night out!!’ I need fun girls. I need danger, flirting, and good times!! And i wish i was at ‘The Abbey,’ right now, partying my cares away, with just a great group of wild girlies, and a backdrop of SIZZLE HOT boys!! Yum!!

I need to tend to grooming, as i’m off on a massive shopping spree today. FINALLY!! I haven’t shopped in ages. I want to buy EVERYTHING, and thankfully the weather is permitting. It’s a wonderful day! The sun is a beaming!! Now all that’s left is a quick stare at my ‘Vision Board’ ( I follow The Secret) and we’re off off and AWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!

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  1. i got hands like your old girls i got fat fingers sometimes that is why i type two keys as they are to fat for the key board and some of me fingers are hammer headid. i hope u have a lovely day shopping chrissie the weather is lolley so far today aint it? u should have a girls night in essex down funkymojos u will have a right laugh and the boys there will be hotter than at the abbey as me and my pals will be there hahaha


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