Me & My Ravishing Rabbit

I know it’s late but i have a really busy tomorrow morning and i HAVE to tell you about this before the ‘moment’ is given away and filed under the ‘past.’ I’m finding it hilarious and pretty much the ideal partner any Glamour Puss could wish for.

Okay, so what some of you might not know, is that i get sent a lot of free stuff. Companies will randomly post me their products..well… what i call ‘goodies’ and if i like what i’ve been sent, i’ll usually blog about it. My blog is read on every continent right now, therefore when i do, they get excited and mainly because they will make a sale. I get excited because i like things for freeeee!

Annnnyway, most people get sent clothes,bags, shoes etc….I do from LA a lot of the time. I’ve recieved so many goodies and i mean keep it coming because i love it. However in England, what do i get sent? (This little slanted eyed, cutsie wootsie Kitty cat of Quaker boarding school bliss!) I get sent A DILDO. A pink one. Infact, I got mailed it from a company called ‘’ last week.  However, i was working so  terribly much and travelling all over the giant place. Going to London, Wales, London, Leeds…God know where else…i was exhausted though, so i didn’t have time to truely appreciate my ‘goody.’

When i got back, i randomly ripped open a plastic grey parcel, and in it was a beautiful pink box…infact in the shape of a Barbie doll box and on it was a picture of a ‘bunny’ girl and the words ‘3 sensual functions.’ WHAT!!! Music to my ears much! Now i’m not even gonna lie to you. I’m an open minded girl and a rather sensual one at that. I’m known to have my ‘moments‘ of ‘alone time’ when i’m feeling a bit of a kinkerella. A good term, i tend to go with is ‘Fiddle in the middle.’ I’m 29…i can and I don’t fear the wrath of God, before you all start. I actually honestly love those moments to, because it taught me to  love my body, know my body, know what I enjoy and well it 100% keeps me out of trouble. There is NO breaking of hearts…when one chooses to sexually please themselves. I believe it’s healthy for you. Infact, i kinda use it as escapism. (But not this morning…i did it because i had a boy in my mind and was horny. LOL.)

Anyway, what a better time, (with me being all single and all that)  for such a gift to come. ‘Twisting, Vibrating, Rotating‘ it boasts and OMG…does it!!!! It’s like a beast of orgasmic pleaure that will put ALL men out of business eventually. You have NO IDEA how amazing this contraption is. It’s called the ‘Ravishing Rabbit.’ (Which i think is oddly cute.) It’s baby pink and ultra girly, so if you’re shy, it kinda makes you feel comforted like you’re not actually going to get a slapped wrist, for getting kinky with it under your sheets. (AND YOUR NOT!) It’s like Barbie…but in your vagina. (Did i get away with that?) I’m looking on the box now and It has a vibrating shaft (there is a God,) rotating pleasure beads (THAT LOOK LIKE PEARL

4 thoughts on “Me & My Ravishing Rabbit”

  1. That is so cool but let me tell you what happened you posted the link to your interview you did with that company. It said something like you love your rabbit or something like that. I thought oh god you gonna hate me or something I have eaten rabbits before they quite actually tasty. Well anyhow when I got to the page and read the interview I was like oh god not the rabbit I was thinking about at all. Hey it was International Womens’ Day you should have all the fun in the world. No worries or comments from grump butts. Cheers. Have fun. Rock out tomorrow.

  2. hahaha I adore you Andrew. Yeah i’m having fun and loving life. I’m got a really great one and i’m enjoying every second. I know you are too….u seem really positive. I like that! x


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