Manic, in a Panic & Britains Got Talent

I have an extremely busy week ahead of me and i’m a still a bit run down from the jubilant filly follies of Saturday night. I’m currently ultra glammed, over eyelashed and sweating in the heat. Not sure exactly what’s going on, but i’m about to go somewhere and do something. Today i feel naughty, and somewhat destructive. BEWARE my Pretties.

I’m have too much for me to handle right now. I can’t get my head around it. But it’s okay because ‘umbrella’ drinks are helping me get through it. I’m lucky. I feel excited and i kinda need to go shopping right now.

I’m quite annoyed at ‘Britains Got Talent.’ I’m a huge fan of the show, but COME ON, ‘Boyle’ is so over-rated. She’s good, but not that good. I was all for ‘Diversity’ and either Natalie (bless her teary eyed heart) or that violin chick who’s hotter then Me. I did feel bad for little nat crying last night yet no because she did cry ( i mean it’s a competition…going into it, you’ve got to know, no matter what age that you might not win it.) Yet mainly because Susan Boyle took someone’s place in the final! So annoyed!! If her act was just that disgusting bottom rolly thing she does…then i’d totally be on her side. Hahaha! Greatness!

God i’ve got to go. I’m being yelled at! Shit!!!

12 thoughts on “Manic, in a Panic & Britains Got Talent”

  1. My goodness you are spot on on the Boyle thing. (Ironic that that’s her name really lol.) – Let’s face it, she only got there in the first place because she was expected to be crap and it therefore came as a nice surprise when she turned out to be okay. (Note: ‘Okay’ and not ‘f’ing brilliant’)

    She’s just a strange old, unfortunate-looking woman, with big teeth, even bigger tits and that clevage? Oh-my!

    Alas Diversity were cracking and very deserving of their place in the final! Loved little Nat (though agree with Simon on her song choice) – and the bodies on the two disco boys – Shwing 🙂 Britain has indeed got Talent. (with a capital T)

    Enjoy being naughty today! (I am so jealous, alas am unale to get up to no good as I’m currently growing a baby, due any moment! lol)

  2. boyle wernt that bad yes she is a crank and sounds like rab c nesbit but she was better trthan the makem with the ears what a wanker he is soppy makem mug. i thought divertiy were warm but they are from the mannor. and nat was unlucky i wish she chose a song wich coukld show of her voice i hope u are cushtie treacle i am still gutted about newcastle but scotch is working

  3. Steph!!! OH MY GOD! You’re growing a BABY!! The perfect summer hobby! Lol. I love it. I wish it was me. (Well? Growing a baby, not being in your womb being grown?? Um…i need to stop now. Hahah)

    Yes i totally agree with you, those disco boys….YES!!! Infact, that old break dancing MAN…YES! He needs some Wunna love.

    Be naughty Steph! You owe it too the WORLD!

    i love you! Good luck with the Baby Boo….awww…

  4. I think Ben (half of the ballroom brother sister duo) is abso delicious and I want to eat him. Very sad he didn’t get through to the final!! Natalie was amazing though and I like Boyle and she is getting over-rated but she deserves to do very well imo!xx

  5. Well in my opinion Natalie was shit and it made my day seeing her cry…

    Boyle needs to be boiled…

    I liked Faces of Disco!! They were sexy!!

    Shaheem to win!!


  6. no stavros flatly to win he looks like an alright geezer the sort of geezer u could have a bubble with down the boozer having a nelson

  7. That’s crazy!! I couldn’t be bothered trying to remember all this… at least if one speaks proper – when one forgets a word, one can pick up a dictionary!!


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