Making Up & Midnight Feasts


Good morning my happy hurls of ‘whiz-bang!’ How ya feeling? We’ve made up and we’re over the moon! I’m in love, he’s in love, the world around is swirling at the rate of Cloud 9, on crack. Wunna land is filled with adoration and well, all it took was letting it go, realizing what’s important and giving him a smile.

I picked Ruby early from nursery yesterday to take her to the Health Visitor, who also informed me that I had a very forward baby, who was working at an advanced rate  30-50 month. It’s crazy!! These visits can go either way with Ruby, as she’s either in a really great showy-offy mood, or she’s ‘Don’t push me Diva.’ Yesterday she excelled with her ‘Look at me’ games of ‘ooh laa.’ She leapt, she danced, she performed and wowed the health visitor like she was auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. Even I was impressed. She was flash carded and not only did she know each and every animal, she did their noises, their facial impressions and wiggled the way she believed they would. Poor Carol (the health visitor) was in shock and stated that at her age she should be able to JUST string two words together clearly. (Which I don’t believe.) Ruby can ramble on in clear bossy sentences…sing full songs AND have fully blown conversations with adults. My glitzy loin fruit is a champion and I know that I’m being boasty, but you know what, you can’t help but be proud! She’s apparently going to excel in school…and well when you know a genius has come out of my own vagina…you really do feel proud! (A lot worse has ventured out of my ‘hoo-haa’ so let me have this moment.) I’ve birthed a genius….i should get applause. Well done Rubes!

Okay, so Ruby and I got home, cuddled, sang, danced and rejoiced. She was chilling on the sofa with her silver glittered boots down by her side and her big brain resting for the evening and in walked in ‘Handsome Daddy.’ He’d been in Huddersfield all day working his little bum-bum on and well when he sauntered in he was filled with life, kissed his little Asian girls and well everything just went back to normal. I wasn’t mad anymore because I was so impressed with Ruby and Life, that in that moment I knew what mattered. I could’ve carried on being aggro, but instead I opted for being lovely and it worked.

I put Ruby to bed and when i came down, he stopped me in the exact same place that he did in the morning…by the fridge…and said, ‘So are we alright again? I love you so much. More than anything in the world..and…’

I looked into his eyes and he did the eyes that he did at the wedding when he was consumed with love and relief. The eyes that he did when he first saw me. The eyes that he did when we first started talking and went on our first date. The eyes that tinkered at me when I told him he was now officially off the market. That was how I knew he meant it. People’s eyes tell a story and from that point I tangoed right back to ‘fairytale.’

Since that moment we’re been happily inseparable, and I’ve also seen a change in his spirit. He’s now alive again and well him just knowing that I want to be with him forever makes all the difference, as like he said, ‘he didn’t marry  me to get divorced,’ he wants to do forever. Me too…I just keep taking moody, hormonal detours, due to a rather soiled past…and pregnancy. I love blaming really does go with my outfit.

So yes, that night we spent falling in love again…and well even though we both went to bed, we just couldn’t sleep, so at 1.10am, we both sneeky peekied downstairs and decided to have a midnight snack. I made us roast beef sandwiches and we gobbled them down, on the sofa, under blankets, giggled and cuddling, with Pan’s Labyrinth on in the background.

Life is great. I feel loved, adored and on top of the world. I AM going to the forest. I’m happily married and well this morning we’ve both been watching and reading up about that Jodie girl from Leeds, who got a free boob job on the NHS. Terrible isn’t it! I showed Keiran a picture of her boobs, and he took it upon himself to click on the video and watch it. He might have called her a ‘Chav’ but he sure as hell kept watching the video. His eyes were glued.

Don’t worry, i told him off with a ‘You’re not allowed to look at boobs.’ (Please do remember that he promised to not peek at hotter than me girls until I’m thin again. 🙂 )

All’s fair though. We’re happy, we’re chipper and well roll on Easter!

ps. Need to buy Easter stuff today!




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