Making History Hot

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I love ‘Love,’ I love Life and i’m an extremely sensual being. ‘OOh Laa’ oozes out of every pore of my system . My favourite taste is ‘Cocktail.’ My favourite smell is ‘Bonfire night.’ My favourite sense is ‘Touch.’ And my favourite boy is ‘sexy.’ I’m open minded, non judgemental and like people who have a story worth telling. I show raw emotion, without a flicker of fear and i wink at passing strangers, with a ‘Flirt’ so fierce. I’m judged by many. But Adored by most. I live completely via my own gut instinct and i’m a little girl who dares to play dangerously. I speak my mind. It gets me into trouble. I care not one bit. It’s exactly how i like it.

My life as a ‘Glamour Puss’ is simply divine and i’ve glided my way to the top of the Powder puff mountains of Greatness. One day you’ll meet me and I’ll smear my reputation all over your history..but until that day…i’m merely a fairytale for you to read…


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