Make it happen

It’s a day of inspirational speaking. I’m happy to day, and brimming over with magic, so i’m hoping you are too, and if not you should be. Life is GRAND!! I’m a big believer in the Powers of the Universe, (i know, so He-Man, right?? ha-ha,) and the great powers of just good old fashioned Nature. I’m a very ambitious girl, and quite a determined little chappie, so everyday i set goals, have power points, visualize the things i desire and usually get them. Incase i’m sounding like a ‘nutter,’ this is just my way of getting things done, and occasionally with a cocktail in my hand. It works for me, so shut up!!

For all those of you who are in an awkward slum. Just know that DREAMS really DO come TRUE!! You can have, or do anything you so wish. It doesn’t matter, what it is, or how impossible it may seem, someone, somewhere in the world has probably achieved it somehow…which means so can you!! The more you think you can’t, the more you probably CAN’T. If truely believe in can do ‘it’ and are prepared to put in the good hard work, time, blood, sweat and tears. You can make ANYTHING happen. Everyone who has made their dreams come true, has hit rock bottom, and started out with just an idea. The ability to actually follow through, and keep the wheels turning, whilst taking the trip ups, and the knock downs, is what makes a person GREAT! They are the people who succeed. They have their eye on the prize, they surround themselves with ‘like’ people, and they work hard.

‘Bounce back ability,’ is the most essential item, that one should be able to pull out of their sock, or handbag, and at any given time. (I have this by the bundles, and have lived such a thorough life, even at my mild age, in order to advise you to have it.) So just incase you’re miserable, or wasting you’re time, life, heart or talents, give yourself a SHAKE, re-adjust, and go make it happen. It’s never too late. (Well unless you’re like dead.)

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