Magical Proposals and Ring buying.


Helllooo my sexy little imps of ‘ooh laa.’ Okay, yesterday evening, whilst you were having a bit of tea with a loved one, having a ucppa tea, to the next episode of ‘Corrie,’ wishing for better times and staying stuck in rush hour traffic, in order to avoid ‘the Mrs.’ I…was probably the luckiest little puss of ‘glamour’ in this entire world. (Well if i’m honest i was on a horrific ‘fat burner’ come down. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that my glitzy little self is fucking lucky right now!) I’M IN LOVE!

Work ended. Already in the day i had been brought the most beautiful flowers, by my most beautiful ‘handsome,’ who i can’t help but be madly..and i mean MADLY in love with. The good Lord, with a side of ‘Cupid’  couldn’t even put me with a more perfect man. It’s like i’ve searched my entire life, for this one guy who could quite impossibly ‘tick’ all the boxes. He found me and luckily, i made his heart melt. He had always apparently sworn that he would NEVER get married, or settle down with anyone…EVER…really. But after 5 and a bit weeks and a wiggle…he found himself proposing to little ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ Makes me feel special and because it all happened by a magical bit of ‘fated’ accidental luck.

After work…he waited for me outside in the car. I slipped in, with my flowers in tow, and he told me that we were going to Leeds to tend to a bit of ‘shopping..’ as in ‘ring’ shopping. I completely adore my handsome Keiran, i call him ‘my little boy’ and i love our ‘love.’ Know that we have something that other couples don’t have. Adore being newly engaged to him. Can’t wait to be his wife. But OMG…the ‘ring shopping’ terrifies me.

It’s weird because i’m a great deal different to how others may percieve. I couldn’t even summon my inner ‘DIVA.’ I was terrified, because i was overwhelmed with love and well…although i’ve been proposed to exactly 21 times now…i have never ever done this ‘part’ before. It’s magical and sometimes magic gets the better of you. I remember looking at him and thinking i couldn’t find a more perfect man.

We get to our destination to symbolize our new love with ‘bling.’ We’re both kinda chipper, excited, in love…but can’t for the life of us figure out how to lock the damn car. 🙂 Welcome to our world.

Anyway, i’ll fast forward…we get to the jewellers and we’re placed away from the madness, by a decorative wall, facing each other, at a tiny precious table, in the perfect lighting, by a mirror, and are given pink champagne to pretty much sip as we try on engagement rings! (We’re both well aware of the fact that the booze is a jolly old part of the ‘sales pitch-spenda-thol.’ However we weirdly didn’t care. I mean you can’t put me nbear booze anyway and have me not like it. But Keiran looked at me, all overwhelmed, and happy. Infact, he looked at me like i was the only thing that mattered in that entire moment and OMG was it a moment.)

I was so overwhelmed by it all, due to the fact that i couldn’t even believe how amazingly romantic everything was. It kinda made me shy, so i forced him to do the narrowing down, as i modelled them under my little floozy slanted shy eyes. We were sipping champagne, filled with love and having diamonds, in the form of rings brought to us, in delicate trays for us to pick from.

I tried them on, he didn’t want to pick for me. I didn’t want to pick at all, because it makes me feel awful just picking something for someone to buy. I’m not good at it at all. But anyway, it was magical. The lady brought our more options, the manager brought us more champagne…i tried on diamond wedding bands, with perfect engagement rings and lived in a little dolly bubble of ultimate bliss. We just kept looking at each other and smiling.

Kerian..and after a mild while, picked the ring. (he actually got quite into it, half way through the choosing. I wanted HIM to pick it because in a way, it would feel far more special to me, knowing that i’m ‘his.’)

I looked at him across our little table and he looked rigth back with a ‘do you like it?’ I nodded, and giggled and just like that, with another champagne pour, it was swept away, paid for and boxed up forever!

Our entire relationship has been built on magical moments and i just filled up with emotion in the jewellers. It was like a dream. We cuddled. We got excited and we commited to the art of *smooching.’ AMAZING!!

From that point on you couldn’t tear us apart even if you tried. We kissed everywhere and anywhere that would let us and soared on Cloud 9 for a whole delicious while. Getting the ring, weirdly makes everything seem real…officially, like you’re really doing it.

Anyway, if you think THAT was it, then you’d be wrong. Not only did we do champagne and ring buying…in a moment of utter love. But Keiran, THEN takes me to what he calls one of his favourite places, where you are literally on top of the world and guided by the Gods.

It’ s now night, and there’s the most gorgeous full moon, by tiny stars that are littering a navy blanket of sky. We pull up and he takes my hand. We go on a little walk…a little walk upward. (I’m in 9 inch heels 🙂 ) We’re hand in hand, admiring the world, in love and probably feeling the closest we have ever felt.

He walks to the very TOP of a castle, where from the top you can watch over the entire world and be the only two people standing there under the moon and the night stars.

We get to the top and he tells me how much he loves me. Then after a cuddle, a breath and a moment to take it all in, he gets down on one knee, with the boxed ring in his hand and ‘re-asks me to marry him.’ AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

I just look at him and immediately say ‘Yes!!’ He places the ring on my finger and from that point onward, i feel like i became his wife.

Therefore on Thursday Oct.13th (My Daddy’s Birthday) ‘handsome’ Keiran, ring shopped and re-proposed to his little Glamour Puss, Chrissie Wunna, under the stars, on a full moon, after champagne and around 8pm at the every top of a castle on one knee.

We had a celebratory drink and i then went home to my baby Ruby.

Life just couldn’t be better! I guess he really did ‘put a ring on it. ‘

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