Madness, Drama & a Little Bit of Taylor


OMG! I’ve had what seems like zero sleep, due to a circus like fluster outside my appartment window all last night. Unfortunately it had absolutely nothing to do with ME and my terrifying Greatness, this time…but i will tell you, that not only was a stream of blue police lights, literally lighting up my whole bedroom from the juiced up street, like a ‘feel me up’ Gay bar. But it was followed by a rather rude amount of siren noise for about 4 hours. Then a MAD man, leapt onto my window with his arms wide open, (kinda like a Care Bear) and his mouth wide open (kinda like a slag.) I sort of just glared at him, in my sunglasses at 3.24am, with a ciggy in my hand, not remotely phased by the terror, and looking rather unimpressedwith the fact that i had just realized I had had 3 conversations with people on the phone, before i passed out drunk, that i couldn’t at all remember. The dear man actually shimmied across the width of my window, sort of screaming ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!’ (Not very creative.) They should’ve just shot him or jailed him for poor amateur dramatics. I’m the Queen of the Tantrum, and well yeah, that bit of ‘doo-daa’ certainly wouldn’t have got him diamonds! (‘Get off my window you dirty wretched beast! You’re not on the list! My people can’t see Me!!’) I hope he wasn’t actually asking for my help, as i really would have fucked up there…Oops! Hahaha!

Anyway, on a cuter note. I did dinner with Jonny last night. We’re close, he’s good company, we’re fun folk and well we all know i love him a little.We trundled off to a bright little Italian restuarant in Camden, around 9 ‘o clock-ish. He was all bleached blond and cute and i was all little black dress and boobied. We had ‘mad dirty cowboy sex’ (the kind that involves deviously hung ponnies, n rodeo dwarves) and then we dined on prawns, olives, pizza and cabonara. I can’t actually remember what this place was called, as it was picked at random. But the FOOD is GREAT there. (Haha…i’m ever so helpful, i know.) The portions are massive (just how i like it…wink wink) and well we talked about life, love, ‘Lashes’ and how he’s not only learning money, but wants to date a

7 thoughts on “Madness, Drama & a Little Bit of Taylor”

  1. OMG that is soo funny!!! your window!!

    Cant you take a picture of this window because it’s becoming VERY popular with ALL SORTS of beings!

    How the hell does sumone fall ‘onto’ a window??!! Only in Wunna land uh!!

    3.24am, sunglasses and ciggie!!!!!!! LOVE IT!! I LOVE your life!!!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing ! winks 😉

  2. Well i do always intend on picture taking…but i get so caught up in the ‘window’ moments, that i completely forget, due to drunkardness.

    Oh and he didn’t ‘fall onto’ he LEAPT! Hhahah…it’s kind of a big leap too, as it’s slighty raised, and i have some random underground appartment under me, that goblins who don’t like me ashing live in.

    hahah…i can’t believe i was actually wearing sunglasses. I forogt how tragic that sounded! Rejoice!!

  3. haha It’s not tragic it’s FANTASTIC!!

    Things like that really amuse me! People leaping at windows n all that jazz.. If that happened in Badsworth.. well it wouldnt would it!! lol

    Now you see i think you live in a window Amsterdam styleee!

    After a few more events that London sight seeing bus will totally wipe out the tower bridge stop and head for ‘Wunna’s Window’ instead!! haha


    Have a great day!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. It’s all happened by accident. And i now take small breaks in the day, where i draw the curtains. (EGO..much? Hahaha)

    I fucking love my ‘peep show’ window.

    And i seemingly adore YOU (goddamitt.)

    Friika. Friika.Friiiikaaa

  5. carry on babies
    i love you so much babies.i like your face and skin colour, eyes in your mind in your heart in your…..?


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