Made my mum cry

Woke up grumpy, and only because the Great Wunna before me…my Mother dearest decides to have a mild disagreement with me, as soon as i so happen to open my eyes. I’m a Daddy’s girl, so winning arguments whilst i’m trapped between my mother and my brother is an impossibility. That boy can call me anything, and my mother to NO end will protect him. So i decided to tell her exactly what i thought of such behaviour…anyway like most things didn’t go down well, and i opted for the ‘huff, puff’ storming out attack. Made my mum cry, and it makes you feel like kicking ya self in the balls over n over again with guilt. (You can’t make you’re mum cry before 9am!!!) However, i still in true Chrissie Wunna style ignored her tears, as she started milking it and glammed up instead. Now she’s making me coffee, and feeling bad, for being evil…yet it’s only because today we spend the whole day with Darling Daddy, therefore i think she’s a bit scared i’m going to report her darkside!! So there you go, lots of grown up behaviour by the Wunnas this morning…hahahah!! I intend to ignore her for most of the day! I ROCK!!

God i miss LA!! I was talking ot my ‘Latin Lover’ last night about how i don’t seem to fit in anywhere in the world but ‘La La land.’ Says it all really!!  Hollywood is full of the earths misfits. It’s the only place where ANYTHING goes, so you can’t really go wrong can you?? I mean, you can even wear nothing but a baby pink thong and go outdoor clothes shopping on Melrose…at the same time as being a Man. You’ll have ‘Superman’ behind you raping the tourist of tips, the Playboy bunnies giggling in a Pinkberry corner  (God i miss Pink berry) and Paris Hilton infront of you grabbing a quick caffeine fix. It’s all normal, and no-one ever grows up. I’ve noticed a lot of very young people in England, who are very grown up. If you have Peter Pan syndrome then go to Hollywood. There’s no growing up allowed, and even though everyone bitches and moans about the town….we all bloody can’t live without it!!! Ugh! I feel FAT!

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  1. hollywood sounds the bollox well pinkberey croner does with the play boy bunnies but the geezer trying to get doe out of u mut get smacked all the time and told to fuck off the ponce. u would fit in here in essex babe wea have all sorts here and all u got chiggas and loughton here u get people earning papaer then u get nam and the hill where u get all the dodgy dealings and we have got bas vegas and all u should come one time, how long till u go back to hollywood chrissie? remeber to pack me in your suit case so i can chirpse jessica alba. i row with both me old girl and me old man they both are always on me bros side it does me cannister in when we row as a family it is 3 against one


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