Lying is always best

Why do you boys always have to fuck up?? I just had a boy, tell me many untruths, and then then go on to tell me, and quite peacock proudly, that he lies to girls in order to bed them!! (yeah, i’m not a complete moron, i know plenty of you..well the ugly ones of you do…all the time.) However, this boy goes out of his way to study girls, kind of like a serial killer would, then after the ‘study session,’ tell them the biggest ‘porky’ in order to dip his McDick!! Firstly boys…it’s not as difficult as you’re making it?? All you have to do is BUY THEM DRINKS!! It’s not rocket-fucking science. Drunk girls put out!! Anyhow, i was thoroughly dissapointed with this boy, so i did the ‘Chrissie Wunna interogation’, where i manage to evilly drag the truth out of victim in question,   as it can’t be as bad as half the things that i’ve done, seen or heard, right?? Okay, so the truth ended up being sooooo completely dodgey, (hahahaha,) and i actually made him feel so miserable about himself…(hahahhaahaha, by accident) that i now totally understand why he does what he does…hahahahaha!! 10 points to me!! He’s a good guy, on a back track. I feel bad for him now!! Oh Lord, i need a stiff one!! I love men, cos you’re all flipping weird, insecure and have these snakes that dangle between your legs quite ungracefully. However, right now i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that i’m a girl…….well i think i’m a girl?? Moral of the story here….If in doubt, just lie, in most cases it’s just best!

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