Lusting Lover

A morning picture to get you through your Wednesday! Make sure you create a ‘Wunna-Ful’ day and get into lots of good clean trouble. This picture was taken ages ago, (pre-boob op) in Los Angeles.. when i was everyone’s favourite ‘Lust Pin-Up’ Girl. I think i was meant to be ‘Lusting’ after something i’d lost.  I don’t lose things? (I lose things all the time.) But after every shot (and the clothing did come off,) I just kept pissing myself. (And i do mean laughing, and not actually trickling pee down my leg, as that would be far to BRILLIANT. Yet no-one would really know, because i WAS sat in a bubble bath. I’ve peed in many a public swimming pool.) There was a video that went along with this and it caused a lot of scandal. (Hahaha!) I won’t re-live it, because it was a fucking horrible time of 5 minute embarassement. I got over it, owned it, then everyone decided to adore me! Hurrah! Have a great day!! (You Slags!)

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