Lucky Little Phone Call…


Morning my dolls of yummy love festival!

Just so you know, after my day of ‘being great at dating’ yesterday and i will admit that there was a moment where in which i sort of felt deflated..almost down…yet because i was at work, i glitzed it over well with diva faces and ‘i’m okay’ smiles. But i definitely looked puzzled and distant for a bit. Just for a bit…I mean, you can’t keep a good kitty down..why because we always end up winning in the end.

So yeah, I then perked up…

AND i perked up being something weird happened, There i was, feeling all glum and misunderstood. I’m a passionate girl, i hate feeling misunderstood, yet i’m old enough and idiotic enough to laugh it off with a shrug.  *Wiggle, wink.*

But yes, i weirdly made a phone call after seeing  two missed calls. They were both ‘Unknown’ so i assumed they were from something to do with work….

Anyway, i called back the number or the person that i believed the call was from and it turns out that it actually wasn’t from them and instead i was on the phone to ‘something ace’…where in which an opportunity was being sort of offered to be to take a chance at…and half by accident! (I say half by accident, because this company has actually contacted me and left a voicemail, the other day, Hence, why I simply thought they had recalled, after i left a return voicemail the evening before.  But it wasn’t them and i found myself on the line to them…but too a different being, who wasn’t mean to talk to me.

The phone call ended up being lots of fun and really exciting…so i’m waiting to hear what may come of it, if anything…

So, what i’m saying is don’t let things get you right around the corner there’s MAGIC about to happen to you, without you even realizing!

It wasn’t about love, it was all about work and entertainment…which is pretty much what i do best.

So…we’ll see what happens, because i got really really lucky. I have no more dates lined up right now, so whilst i wait…i’m gonna get stuck into work and focus on MOI and being a giant success! (Come on girls, it makes us hot. There’s men everywhere. Yet dreams come true only happen once, with effort.)

I can actually do this if i try.
I feel really powerful and lucky right now xxx

Ps/ That guy that i was meant to go on a date with read my blog…and felt the undying need to tell me this…(Quote to all girls dating…they do this when they feel insecure and angry…) But yes being the decent LOL soul that he is…this is part of what he decided to write to me…(there was a lot of blah, blah, blah..and the usual stuff, angry boys put…yet this part was my favourite, because I haven’t heard it in yonks, it was refreshing because it meant boys were still boys and girls were still girls when it comes to dating.)

‘Wow, are you bitter. Okay you want the truth. I went out on a date with the hotter, younger chick with no kids on Saturday night and we went around Leeds and stayed at the Hilton….’

The message was quite looooooong and i was sipping cocktails so i zoned into the fun bit with a smile. Y’see,  boys and not men think that  using words like ‘younger’ or hotter’ upsets women. Wrong. It upsets those that aren’t together. And i wanted to write it out so all you young girls know that boys can be like this be they 17 or 77. I look AMAZING for my age and know that YOU DO TOOOO. I have based an entire career on my attractive which makes me feel secure with my belly laughter, right now. So don’t let silly boys try to get you down when they throw the teddy out.

The thing is…that as I was saying GIRLS of the insecure nature get upset at the words ‘younger and hotter’ in that particular context. Where as hot, powerful, secure women who are mothers read that he has actually mentioned YOUR CHILDREN/YOUR KIDS in a derogatory light and realized what an absolute PLANK and waste of energy that being is! I mean, has he just completely lost the plot. HAHA. Gentlemen don’t talk about my children like that ever. Like they’re some kind of burden to boner society.

And it’s moments like that that make (believe it or not)  KEIRAN look amazing to me. He’s actually a lot more decent than pretty much half the men that try to date me and if he heard any being talk about our children like that…well….Definitely learning fast! HAHA.

Then he tried to give me dating tips. Which showed me he was patronizing too. HAHAH. I’m great at picking. I swear! Lol.

I think he then made fun of the blog. (Which is also normal.)

Well, let’s give everyone a refresher…you are reading this (and thank you all for reading btw) with other people who have tremendous taste. This blog is read in 174 countries of the world, on every continent and is translated into 40 different languages…EVERY DAY. I really only have you to thank for that and i’m super grateful for your love. I recieved so many messages last night waving me adoration and support and of course the odd pity party! Lol

But yes…what a funny creature. Thank GOD, the circus of it all is hilariously over. I don’t think i could juggle it into my priority box for any longer.

I’d need a Cosmo..

My guy friend turned around and in the nick of great timing said… ‘Aww, God Chrissie. I mean…he should’ve said, you  could’ve got him an upgrade at the Hilton. ;)’



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