Loving This Thing Called ‘Life.’

Oh my God! Hilarious day! I’m not so ‘Mama Preacher’ right now, i’ve morphed into ‘fun’ Chrissie, who can’t seem to beable to understand how her legs work. I’ve fallen over almost 26 times today, and simply over my own feet. I’m sure i can blame my nanny or someone for not teaching me the error of my ways, when it came to ‘walking’…but OMG, i fell down in a supermarket (HAHAHA) like on my face fell down, and did one of those awfully embarrassing ‘slow motion’ monkey faced falls. I actually went red. I tried to do the ‘laugh it off’ method, but i was far too embarrassed to pull it off effectively. LOL.

I’ve also spent the merry day, chasing my my hair extention around my living room. My palm sized fluff ball of a kitten, who is still in the ‘trying to learn how to walk’ adorable stage, seems to beable to grab my hair piece, (that i use for volume) and head for the hills with it at 100 mph. It was like a sorry ass version of a ‘Carry on’ film, well a Tom & Jerry cartoon, but i wasn’t trying to hit her with a giant mallet…( i was too busy falling over my own feet, again and again and again.)

Anyway, isn’t it lovely weather!! The sun’s out. I’m feeling happy, i fancy a cocktail, a smile and a ‘good time.’ I really do feel wonderful today. I’m loving life and i’m feeling strong!

I really hope you enjoy this gorgeous weather…(in 5 minutes it’ll probably rain.) Love you all! x

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