Loving My Little Lifey


Woke up still drunk so i KNEW i had a great night. I had Wazza next to me in bed, who had jollied all the way up from Yorkshire to come play with me. I loved him being here, because he keeps the Yorkshire in me, the down to earthness. He’s known me for 15 years and well no matter what, this boy knows how to kick the Hollywood out of me, when neccessary. We went to bed really late, after talking about life, love my poor choices and how he fancied ‘Tiger Lilly.’ I can’t remember half the conversation, i was trashed, but after showing him around London for a little bit, after leaving him for 5 hours…i left him again with our other friend Narelle in Leicester square, coz i had to go make an appearance at The MayFair club…for charity.

OMG. FUN NIGHT! I was all fine and dandy, being all glamourous and attention whorey, aware that my ex boyfriend was also in the same venue, but sad because i didn’t have time to talk to him. And why didn’t i have time? (I hear you cry…but not really, coz it’s not as if you care.) Well two words REX NEWMARK. (Yep the ginner off Big Brother 9.)

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