Loving being Kitty Claus


I am utterly ADORING playing Santa! I am officially ‘Kitty Claus.’ This GIVEAWAY is actually weirdly quite rewarding for me. I mean, who would’ve thought that ‘giving’ at Christmas time could actually make you feel good? Lol.

I have a good heart. I must and simply because this ‘giving’ malarkey is bubbling me over with a happy buzz of ‘ooh laa’ and the great thing is that we’re still in the warm up stage of it all, as the big bonzanza sets alight when I venture my booty to The Clothes Show live and really get stuck into the art of Christmas, fashion and sending gifts YOUR WAY! Yipppeee! Baileys for EVERYONE! *Random drunk grandad Xmas dancing here,*

The good thing is at the same time as all this, (i’ve given myself the BUSIEST DECEMBER EVER)  i’m sort of getting my life on track. I’m being Mum, running the blog, celebrating the giveaway and prepping for The Clothes Show at the same time as preparing MY OWN BEAUTY LINE with China.) Alongside all that Wunna land is filled with love and to be honest I truly hoped it would be around this time of year. I mean, I’m a love bunny at heart, so the thought of Christmas and well even my birthday ‘just being me’…and the ‘winkles’ of course…(although lovely and somewhat sentimental) would’ve been quite depressing. If there’s a season for celebration it’s this one. Plus it’s the time of year thta singles try and snag ‘another half’ for comfort, love, presents, cold nights and all the way up until Valentines day! 🙂 I’ve always said, the Summer is for flings, but Winter is for togetherness.

Junior’s poorly. Ruby is DIVINE. (There’s currently some random make believe picnic occurring in the living room. I’ve noticed that ‘playtime’ with Ruby…who is now trying out a life without nappies…..is simply a process where in which the parties playing alongside her just have to listen and take her orders. I knew that I bred her well. She’s running around with a Christian Dior magazine advert in her hand)

Anyway, yes. The GIVEAWAY is going well. You’ve all warmed up to it a bit more now  and like Fiona Tweeted me…It’s sort of like having another advent calendar…a bouji one where you could win a bit of fashion, fun, beauty or ‘ooh laa.’

I’m super proud of the winners so far. We’ve had Harriet win the Therapy hand bag and purse…and today we had Hayley win the Benefit ‘Glam therefore I am’ gift set, the Kenneth Cole cosmetics bag and the years subscription to Elle Magazine. We also had Graham Ferguson win the table top pool table AND the random Christmas Ale. #hurrah

It’s early days yet and well the gifts are going to get very exciting. In fact, on some of the days i’m going to have to ‘double up,’ meaning there will be two separate gifts to giveaway each day! (We have that much here in Wunna land for you.)

When it comes to the gifts all you have to think is fashion, beauty, Christmas and all things Chrissie Wunna. Some gifts are brand specific. Some are bits that I have put together myself, just from pieces that I adore. I have shoes, clothes, makeup, books, bags, scents, cupcakes, fun novelty items, trips to the woods 😉 , dinners, luncheons, designer jewelry, top high street brands, luxury brands, start up brands and brands that you SHOULD know about. Most of it relates to my life in some way…and well on some days there’s lots of giveaway and on others it will be a delicate bit of luxury. I’m excited for my ‘Goodie Bag’ day. yes that’s coming as part of the giveaway and if you’re a Mum…then I’ve introduced a few brands and gifts that you should hopefully delight it!

Once i’m at the Clothes Show things will hot up and there will be a whole lot fo giveaway surprises! You can win as many times as possible really and don’t forget that everyone ‘sharing’ or Retweeting’ all get gifts too! #yippee THERE IS LOTS TO WIN SO DO PLEASE KEEP TRYING.

I’m ace at being KITTY CLAUS and i’m loving every minute of it.

I don’t know what I want for Christmas? I have just been asked via text and well I can never pin point something when on the spot. I sort of know the kinds of things I would like, yet I never like to say simply because it feels rude.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN ENTERING THE GIVEAWAY. (I’ve been trying to sing Ruby Christmas Carols yet @wazza has scarred me for life by making up far too hilarious lyrics to each and every Christmas carol going…yes all rude…and yes all when we were at school and 17…now i don’t know the proper words to the carols and well ‘….use my ***** as a lolly…fa lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaa’ isn’t going to fly when it comes to the art of decent parenting. 🙂 )

Anyway before I go and watch my fave night time joy ‘I’m a Celebrity,’ I’ll leave you with is…

Sooo many children in your local area will wake up with not a single gift to open this Christmas day. Be grateful for all that you have and  PLEASE when you’re out and about doing your Xmas shopping think of them and BUY that extra little bit of something that a child who is far less fortunate than most could open from Santa this year.

Even if it’s only something small…that tiny bit of a moment will make their entire world light up…

You’ll see these boxes scattered around most towns and shopping centres. They’re there for a reason…

Drop in a gift  to light up the heart of a child this Christmas. Make a difference. Be a hero. It’s good karma.

I’m a massive fan of Cash For Kids and early last year raised almost £4000 for them in ONE WEEK, by packing people’s bags at local supermarkets.

Okay…remember I said that! Now for…

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