Loved Last Night….Part Deux

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…okay we’re in a taxi, we’re trying to find a good night out. He’s bbm’ing God knows who and God knows what guestlist and i’m on the phone to Big Brother Rex (a good friend of mine) who promotes ‘The Mayfair Club’ on saturdays. All i could hear, was him trying to bum cigarettes off gaggles of girls on his end screaming, OMG! U were on Big Brother.

Anyway, Jonny and I decide we need to catch up on missed drinking time, so we trundle through Leicester square and back to Ku Bar (but this time dressed to party) for drinks…which was far more fun by this time. The gay merry slags were out in full force. Woo-hoo!

Really good night. Jack Daniels aided our way through the beginning part of the evening. Met up with Terrence (Jonnys band mate,) who had brought a 44 yr old man in leggings..and a hole in his crotch, who didn’t want to party and was a little bit religious. We venture downstairs to the ‘club’ part. Had the most fun ever, followed by girly shots. We were trashed, dancing all night, whilst witty bantering our way through the crowds, hitting on bartenders, bumping, grinding, being basic bitches and getting far too sweaty for my liking. Ugh…people with actual sweat on them, we’re rubbing up against me.  But fuck it…i was trashed and loving it and was totally armed with my harujuku lover handbag sized sprtizer, by Gwen stefani. (lol.) I sprayed myself and the odd random dancing boy, who i believed needed a bit of a ‘spritzey.’ They didn’t appreciate it at all..and yeah i don’t care.

Terrence got aggressive, mid Britney song, which made him AMAZING. The shit that was coming out of his mouth was note worthy. I also remember telling a dreamy shirtless gay bartender that i wanted him forever. (He agreed to date me, as long as we didn’t have to have sex. ) Who just so happened to be calling Jonny ‘jealous’ and a faggy fag…(hahah) due to his bracelet and ‘hating.’ Who retaliated by telling him ever so politely that he wasn’t a gay bastard because I was ‘going home with him, and he’s shaggin’ that’ (points finger at me.) I’m quite handy in those situations. If you have me on your arm or pretend to have me on your arm…then you automatically become a MAN of the straightest variety….because i’m a sex kitten. Purrr… (Decorative way of saying ‘slag.’) Oh and i totally met a guy, who watched me on the BBF show in Kuwait. He said, it was funny to actually meet me, because over there i was dubbed in Arabic. We did pictures!

Great night, great fun, we all went outside at closing, met a black lesbian from Yorkshire and the boys decided they were going to bully people, and start fights for kicks. Jonny was a lot more clever about it, then our Terrence. Hahah… OMG! Hilarious. They were mean as hell and breaking up all kinds of loving couples from all parts of the world. People wanted to fight them. Really fight them. Like gays wanted to punch them in their faces and gays don’t punch. People were calling them bitches, and they were laughing like they had once again achieved pure satisfaction. I loved it. I’ve created monsters. They verbally abused girls on the street, they visciously abused men, they mouthed off at each other, peed in a doorway, as i watched on like a proud Mother…and then got subway after sighting a bunch of men get into a real fight, and literally launch a heated hot dog cart off the street, as we wondered the late night roads, under the moon. I remember this one Irish guy, with his boyfriend going on about how he was rich, and the boys telling the insecure one of the two, that he didn’t really love him and then Terrence tells the ‘in charge’ slaggy one’ of the couple, that if he was so rich, then why hasn’t he fixed his teeth!! Hahaha…I was pissing myself. Bullying can sometimes rock.

Don’t know what happened, but we got onto the subject of people using people for money, whilst walking to find me a cab and they began calling each other prostitutes. Terrence for flirting with a 44 yr old man for food, and Jonny for financing his life via the fine art of Chrissie Wunna. God knows what I was going on about, but i felt feisty and started mouthing off at them. Anyway, we all say our good byes…i give hugs and kisses, then i venture off home in a cab…to find a man flashing at my appartment window and another one following me for no real reason really…other than believing i was his wife…so i made up a big burly boyfriend story and he left! Cowardice at it’s finest!!

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