Love You Sometimes

I’ve just got back from an early morning walk. I’m a slow walker, so it took forever, especially in these heels and this face! (My vanity always gets the better of me. But i work what God gave Me and that’s charisma, heels and makeup.) I did a lot of smiling and waving, but I really just needed some time to myself, to think, reflect…go to a quiet corner and SCREAM. So much is happenning right now (on both sides on the pond) and i’m starting to get a little overwhelmed, as it’s all tightly sewn inside me. (No, not my implants, you Tits!) I just need to let some of this supressed ‘ooh laa’ out….and like pronto! For a girl that’s extremely candid, and open,  i sure as hell have a lot of things i ‘m having to keep on ‘lock down.’ It’s getting difficult and honey it’s just not good for you. As each day passes, i’m getting more and more poked at. But a girls godda do, whatever she’s told to, at times (haha) and i’m doing it bloody well. So 10 pats on the back for Me! (No, not for you…for ME goddammit!)

 I basically went to bed feeling like a big bag of shit and strangely dreaming of a Postman Pat ringtone? I was filled to the brim with this fuzzy negativity. But after a glass of vino, giant cuddles from my darling Mother….gently laced with the wisest of words and gentle winks of an eye. We quite horrifically danced around to ‘Push the Button’ (Sugarbabes) non stop….and  funnily enough all my sorrows seemed to fly off with the fairies. (I think it was mainly the wine!)

 The best thing about drinking with non drinkers, is that not only is there more for you…but you also have a better time then them. When they’re yawning and discussing life…you’re doing boobie pops and discussing the basic art of the dance craze, aptly named ‘The Robot.’ (‘Push the button. Push, push the button!’…thats where ur boobie pops, come in.)

I feel much better now and have an exciting day of shopping (oooh) and spa treatments (aaaaah!) I can’t wait. It’s a lovely day. I’ve spoken to a bunch of my LA friends this morning ..making sure they’re holding up my merry fort durning my absence (they’re doing a rubbish really you are) and yeah although i’m finding it a bit difficult to fit in over here in the dear country that birthed me. I cling on quite hopefully (foolish really. ha..) knowing that everything will get better…it always does!  Oh and Thankyou so much boys, for all your LOVE!! The messages are quite tremendous, and are massaging my ego quite wonderfully. I wish every girl could wake up to such words of adoration!!

I love you (sometimes!) I feel naughty today!

Chrissie Wunna x

3 thoughts on “Love You Sometimes”

  1. you are the guvna i am always here in good old blighty if u need someone to get bang on the swill with chrissie. i bet u cant wait to get back to la la land i well want ot go there one day have a mustard day treacle tada scratch xxooxx

  2. it is good look at la birds they are ream and u are ream that is my way of looking at it . where as me i am u can take the boy out of essex but u cant take essex out of the boy kind of guy lol


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