Love you Longtime

I’ve been dancing the dilly-dallies of the busiest little bee. I’ve got a ‘pile on’ of work at my day job, (which i’m actually kinda enjoying right now.) Mummy-hood, although a marvel, as Ruby couldn’t be cuter, is hectic. Girlfriending, is a job in itself. Yet Loverboy and I are quite delicious right now and I’ve finally managed to complete the final tiny bits of book, that i needed to, without getting yelled at ! Woohoo! I hate that i’m having a bad hair day today. Yet due to me tinkering with the fricking ‘Master Cleanse’ my hair has decide to fall out. Nice! Yeah, i lost a merry chunk of  weight. But i didn’t expect to go a bit bald all at the same time? They forget to tell you that you’ll go blind and go bald after a week, so i’ve switched my baby-weight diet to one where i actually get to eat food. Today, i’ve been on the melons. I’m over dieting. I feel sexier, when i eat.

Anyway, yeah. I at midnight of the night before, I emailed over my final bit of book work over to my Lit.Agent, to forward to the publisher. I’ve worked realy hard on it all and gotten yelled at all the waym with it taking me ages. But i feel like everything happens when it’s meant to happen. (Yes, I am trying to blame my inadequecies on fate. 🙂 ) I attached and clicked ‘send’ then with a sigh of relief, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. *Wink-pout*

In the morning, i got to work. I hovered over my AOL inbox and yep, as predicted rested a little bit of ‘ooh laa’ from my Lit. Agent ‘Helen.’ It always makes me nervous, when I see an inbox ‘ooh laa’ from her, because the past few inboxes have been full of ‘you’re not being good enough’ and a jolly bit of swearing. 🙂 I’m used to it, don’t worry. I’ve lived a colour life of pokery. I get confused when people aren’t swearing at me. However, in my defense, I did have a child 4 months ago. It does kinda take it out of you for a little while. (Heelllooo child out of vagina much!) Plus, I had to pretty much go straight back to work, meaning life hit the ‘busy’ button, with a full steam ahead.

Anyway, there it was, my little bit of ‘inbox.’ Even though i feared it, i figured I’d jus get it over with anyway and deal with whatever it was I had done wrong now. The quicker you feel things, the faster you get over them. I ‘click’ on it and well this is what it read, (remember that it has been an entire YEAR of back and forth with the book work and a whole lot of ‘it’s jus not right Chrissie’s.’)


The book is bloody brilliant! It’s gonna be a hit and make you a millionaire! Truly! I just read a little and edited a bit before I went to sleep becaus i was so excited about it all.

I think it’s gonna be BIG. (Ha-ha) Why wouldn’t it be? It’s just like it’s author, BIG< BOLD & BEAUTIFUL.

Helen xxx’

I turned and looked at Kelly in the office, (The other office Glamour Puss) and with a *sigh* of relief cheered and wiggled with delight! I did it! Thank GOD! Remind me to get a flipping ghost writer next time. Fricking ‘boasty’ me, full of my ‘Oh, but i’ve written it ALL myself and taken the time to actually format it, all on my very kitty cat ownsome.’ There are reasons why people use ghost writers. It buys you time! I was far too foolish and egotistical to realize this. Hurrah. I have fought with EVERYONE over this book.

But anyway, it’s done, getting edited as we speak. In about a month..I’ll get to see the book version of this very blog itself. Crazy innit! Now, it’s done, i’m all about starting the next one. I’m a sucker for punishment really. The didn’t know what I was doing the firts time. I get it now…therefore i think i can handle the reins of another. Gimme! Gimme!

I’ve now ticked another box on my ‘to list’ in life. I do feel refreshed and like a whole lot of stress has been lifted. I’m glad everyone’s happy and i’ve realized that I do actually LIKE to make people happy. I always thought i entertained in order to quench my ego under giant spotlights and ‘LOOK AT MEEEE’s.’ However, after all that, i’ve realized that I entertain simply to make you (ya miserable lot) smile. Cheesy but true. If i’m managing ‘dreams come true’ by accident, then you deserve a bit of Wunna magic too. Like I always I’m living proof that anybody can do anything, that they may believe is unreachable. *Reach* anyway and give it a go. The only difference between ‘most’ and I, is the simple fact that I don’t just talk about doing things..I do them and i do them with a hopeful heart and a wink in my eye. Grab any opportunity you can and se where it takes you? As long as your of ‘genuine soul,’ an ddipped in positivity, in the’ll get there.

I’m trying to make a world for my daughter. A life that hse could only dream of. Right now…i’m doing pretty alright at it. However, i really can do it with my hair in this fricking state. If I *hair-toss* it’ll all fall out! I hate crap diets.

I actually had soo much to say, but like the genius that I am, i’ve forgotten it all and i’m not even drunk. I really need a day of pamper. I mean, i’m falling to pieces. I look like a rubbish version of myself. A broken nail, that i did in a disabled loo. Falling out hair, due to homemade lemonade, no tan, and well…i can’t even bare to discuss the rest of it. *Adjusts boobs-Adjusts tiara.* I need a glamourousy ‘once over.’ I need to hire people to groom me whilst i type! I even finding it hard to type in diamantes today. I’m properly losing my touch. EWW! 🙂

Yesterday by 9am, i had already gotten called a ‘Tart’ by grannies. Whenever i think, i’m swirling down the plug hole of ‘plain’ something like that reminds me of my Greatness. 🙂 I remember when I was young, i’d always wnat to hero my way verbally through the walls of judgement and fight my caus morally and a bit drunk. However, now i’m old and even MORe comfortable in my own bit of skin, i can’t be arsed with the ‘hoo’ of all the ‘ha’ now. I love life and i’ve never felt as strong, as dynamic and as happy, as I do now. Am i misjudged. Yeah..often. But only by people who don’t know me or are yet to find their ‘comfortable’ place in their bit of skin. Right now, i’m adequetly adored by the masses, so i’m happy. I’m enjoying being the ‘grown up’ far less *tragic* version of myself. I don’t even try to play a character now. I’ll hold my flag up to being ‘nice, old likeable’ Wunna these days. I’m still feisty, yet now actually ‘worth it.’

Other than being attached to a felt duck most mornings and being able to peek at what i have around me in life and actually be more than happy, with my lovely now organized, glittery madness.  I don’t think i have anything else to report? I love being a Mummy, I hate Pizza Hut and I’m swizzling back around in my office chair, knowing that it’ll all be okay in the end..

Love you Longtime..




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