Love you & Leave you

Happy days! I’m simply enjoying the most wonderful time in life right now. A joy that’s purrfect for a kitty cat of my little old calibre. I’m waving from a height of ‘ooh laa’ and happy to be hailed as inspiration to the lovelies who peek in my at my life, via the blog.

Totally rocked a bit of cleavage, hot pink nails and diamantes today. Realized that i’m lucky to have a great bundle of beings, who actually care about me enough to want to fight any caus for me, when they feel i’ve been mistreated. I’ve worked hard, giggled and frowned at an 8hr bad hair day. Then had my actual diamantes decided to kill me. OMG, they hurt! I don’t know what happened, but they started to gnaw away at my ears making them throb with soreness. When the only thing you adore eats away at you, then you know you’re in trouble. As much as I adore Primani, their diamantes do suck big hairy willies.  *Ouchy* (I’ve just enjoyed a giant Indian with Loverboy, whilst cooing at Ruby. It’s giving the trumps and a larger waist line, yet the simple satisfaction of it all, makes up for the despair.) I’ve finished it all up, with a felt duck and a wine slurp, whilst listening to Pete tell me how much he adores me, and watching Ruby chew on her big toe like its..chicken. I got hit on today by a hottie. A handsome one…so i’m feeling all mighty and hot. I LOVE IT.)

Felt quite social today and happy to have a decent amount of ‘Wunna soldiers’ around me. [More wine here.] And i’m pciking on Pete because the last time i went near his ‘dinky’ during a moment of passion he stopped me, in fear and mild panic, whilst stating that he ‘had been on a walk.’ Hmm yum! Pickled flavoured dinky. Luckily, it got me out of blow jobs on ‘Date Night.’ He should walk more often.

I don’t actually have too much to report, because i’m happy and Wunna Land is all dandy. Plus, i can’t tell you much of whats going on right now in my life. The good thing is that it’s finally FRIDAY tomorrow. My favourite day of the week. The ‘feeling’ always gets the better of me and well whilst i’ve flung the old diet out the window with confetti, sin and bordeom, i figured i might aswell have fun.  I’m a party girl, well more of a ‘goodtime ‘girl at heart and no matter how hard i try (even though i’m an oldie right now) i just can’t fight the feeling. However i’m certainly no longer made for a fucking long ass club night. (I’ve sworn a lot to day. I really do need to attempt to stop.) I love glamour, cocktails and wonderful company and if i teach you anything, it’ s ALL about the company. Be it a boy, a bag, a bear or a bestie. (Don’t hink i haven’t enjoyed cocktails with only my clutch for company.)

After work tomorrow, i have a meeting at a coffee shop at Xcsape in Pontefract, with my publisher and literary agent. I’mso excited about the book now and mainly because they are. I’ve been through a year of getting yelled at for not completing it on time and whacking deadline with a glorious ‘all done.’ They even swore at me. 🙂 However, now it’s cleverly glittered and dusted i feel like a champion. Hopefully it’ll do well. Yet either way, i’m luckiy to have randomly been given the opportunity and simply because of this little blog. I’m excited for all the praise tomorrow. It’ll make a change from all the ‘you’re not good enough’ marlarkey. 🙂 Can’t wait. Oh and especially because ‘Date Night’ follows! I NEED it, i’ve had an eventful week of jiggery and a pokery.

Okay, i’m gonna enjoy more wine and wink at my mirror image. Therefore i’ll love you and leave you and totally hope for the bes. 🙂

Chrissie. x

Keep it cheeky and make sure you are doing exactly what YOU WANT. Do not let others control your magic and well if you do anything love, but LIVE!


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