Love to Love you baby!

Okay this has got ot be quick because i’m kinda still at work and trapped behind this stage thing, with no light, other than that beaming from my laptop and well some kitten that’s not mine, therefore probably isn’t a dirty whore.

I’ve had the busiest day ever. A shoot in the morning. An nterview during the shoot. I’ve then had a book conslutation, (hahah…i meant ‘consultation,’)followed with a delicious dollop of meetings. My hair started going greasy during the meeting which seemed to concern me more than the career talk. Yet the pretty decent weather outside, that i am unable to enjoy because i’m having to sit around in a golden bikini, is quite lovely. I feel a barbeque. I think i’m gonna throw a party quite soon. You’re all invited. I’m a  great party thrower. I have wine. Can you tell?? Woo-hoo! Drinky Drink Drink! Great role model. I need some air.

I need to leave shortly, i do as it’s my best girlies birthday tonight and well she’s made it to another year which fucking shocks the shit out of me. I need to celebrate it. Yet this goon pointing at me right now, refuses to let me. I’m in Lonodn tomorrow for a big day, a big chapter and a big organize of my move. It panics everyone…but me and that’s mainly because i have wine. (Which i hate as i’m really a cocktail kinda girl.)

Watched Peter Andre’s little show last night. How much did it make you fancy him right? Omg! How cute is he!! I always thought he was a bit wet, yet it seems he’s doing ‘wet’ in all the right ways! Purr…(I’m tragic…i know. Please clap.)

Other than too much work, i’ve completely made too tight V-neck sweaters be totally worth it today. There’s something far too sexy about them. I was in one ans i don’t think i ever looked as good in my life. Yes it probably was the ‘boobies’ all trapped and ‘V’-ed…but the casualness of it, is what made it ‘OOh laa.’ I’m also very much into clutch bags right now and because they’re completely impractical. Any girl carrying one is irresponsible, carefree, dangerous, therefore sexy. It’s a ‘clutch’ all the way! Am i really gonna be preggers in spring??

Anyway godda go, but i will leave you with this: Angels exist. They are normal everyday people, who ooze this amazingly magical life force, that cross your path for whatever reason, change you and bring you happiness. Hold on to them. Squeeze the life out of them. Keep them forever.

I really love you all and to anyone reading this right now…i hope this world takes care of you. Big love ( and maybe a shimmie. Wink wink)

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  1. Amazing photo, so gorgeous. Show Peter Andre that and he’ll be straight in your knickers! 😉 Have a nice night, be good…ish xx


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