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Afternoon my gorgeous little winks of an eye. Although the weather outside is quite frankly frightful, Wunna land is filled with a magnicficent *ooze* of love, due to my brand new engagement, to my brand new ‘handsome’ making my world not only jollied with a deliciously sexy excitement, but complete and utter contentment. I honestly haven’t felt this happy in ages, I’ve finally found my perfect match and a man who doesn’t just excite, but openly loves me with every bit of his heart. I fell like we’re an amazing couple on a magical whirlwind of a romance. We do love the right way and well it almost feels inspirational. Our connection is strong that it defies any sense of mundane logic. We make each other’s heart beat that little bit faster, we have a love that although terribly sexy, is terribly innocent, meaning it unstoppably soars uncontrollably and yeah he makes my groin a little bit sorer 🙂 (sorry mum)…but i’ve never ever felt this cherished, treasured and adored by a man in my life, who i feel the EXACT same way about. We have an amazing relationship, one that everyone wants to ‘clink’ to and cheer on with a wink and well that’s why i cannot WAIT to be his wife and me being the ‘Wunna’ that i am…would NEVER EVER say that. Infact, he claims that before he met me, he didnt even know what love was and swore down that he would NEVER MARRY, let alone settle down. We only began dating 7 weeks ago today…so it’s all travelling at the intense speed of light. But when we’re with each other, nothing else matters and we don’t even NEED to say it, you can feel the *sizzle* in our eyes. It’s an electric bond and how true love should be. I’m in love…and Keiran makes me feel ALIVE. He is one of the first boys in this entire world that i can actually look at and think, he is WORTH ‘doing life’ with. I can’t believe i’m going to be a wifey. It feels almost surreal. I mean, who would’ve thought that when we met, if one was to hit ‘fast forward’ 7 weeks, he’d be proposing in his living room. I finally feel cherished and i promised to love him forever. Wunna Land is good right now. You only need to see us together to get it. We want to shout it out from the rooftops and well i’m soo glad everyone wants to celebrate it with us. We have everyone all excited and dotting about doing everything for us, helping me pick rings, inboxing me photos of their favourite dresses. When i had baby Ruby my world was complete. Add a brand new and perfectly right for me ‘handsome’ a wiggle and a fruitful new life and you have a whole new level of love. I feel blessed. I’m living a fairytale.

We went on on saturday night, on the spur of the moment to celebrate with vodka in rainbow shirts and pink party dresses. Keiran to me, is one of the sexiest men i have ever seen..(and i’ve seen plenty 😉 and i just know he’s perfect for me. He looks at me and his heart melts and claims he knew right away that he wanted to be with me forever. (Aww…) When we were out, it was like we were the only thing that mattered to one another. Everything else was a ‘blur around’ apart from our focus on each other. Nothing else mattered but our love for one another. You should’ve seen how amazingly romantic he was. He was glaring at me from a distance and looking at me like he couldn’t love me even a tiny inch more. I looked at him and bubbled inside with a fresh innocent dolly love. I cannot think of a better man to have as my husband. I feel it…and i can’t even explain how that ‘it’ feels. Therefore you take a look at your loved one,or your other dearest half and see whether you feel that too. If you do, then you KNOW you have something special.

It was actually a shame we didn’t quite notice all the shit that was going on around us really. We had previously been at a bar, where we shamefully gushed and boasted about our love. We’re both really good at making each other feel important….and we’re fit 😉 so everyone adores a bit. *Glamour-Glamour-Puss-Puss.*

But yeah, not sure what happened to all our friends, who we pretty much accidentally ignored, because ‘we’ got the better of each other. However, one was apparently being highly slaggy, another commited to a ‘party fall’ after watching her ‘fittie of choice’ for the evening make out with a fatty of slaggamuffin. Another ran off to do drinky poos with her new husband and well i wiggled the night away in awe of my new beau. I LOVE that he proposed. I’d secretly wanted him too, but never said anything…and just like that out of nowhere and just at the precise right moment of love, he did. It was the most magical moment of love ever…and well we’re moment people.

I mean any boy that lets me call him OCD when i’m in nothing but undies and socks, who then lets me challenge his denial by watching me take every little thing in his living room and turn it into the most irritatingly position on unperfectness ever is a dream. I grabbed coasters and made a floor path with them. I turned a mantle piece candle upside down. I ended a free standing air freshner a tad to the right, tilted a framed picture. Threw a couple of flowers on the floor and along with other decorative delights, before carefully messing up his perfectly lined DVD collection in order to wind him up.

At first he could not manage to contimue the ‘party party’ without fretting and tidying it all up. Then later on in the evening, once everything had been put in it’s perfect place, and he felt loved, free and like his world couldn’t be better. He looked at me, with a  smile of utter satisfaction and with a pile of coasters in his hand and made his own imperfect floor path with them. Then threw a couple of flowers on the floor, turned the candle upside down, did a victory dance and joyfully  messed up his DVD’s with a terrifying panache. Wunna got the better of him and well..don’t i always.

Anyway enough of all that! Ruby and I are delicious right now. I have never had a stronger bond with my daughter than i do now. I look at her and we just ‘get’ each other, whilst looking after each other through life. You can certainly see the Wunnd determination in her and the older she gets, the more like me she is becoming and i love it. It’s all flying by so fast. I mean she can now crawl, and communicate with me with ‘make no sense’ adorable baby talk, she can stand up and edge along things whilst giggling and with a glint in her eye that tells me she loves life.

Pete on the other hand is currently quite lonely. He finds it hard to handle Ruby when he’s stressed, because he can’t put her needs before his own. He’ll moan because she cries and get frustrated due to his own lack of natural daddy ability. I hate it, because i’m the one who without question, will stay up with her all night, laughing and calming her back to sleep. I adore her more than my entire world and well now she’s at nursery she has come along at the speed of light. I can even she how much more independant she is…yet right now she’s up all night crying due to poorliness. 🙁 Pete claims he’s frustrated because he feels like he has no job, no relationhsip, and no friends. I looked at him and simply said ‘you did that to yourself.’ He then went on to tell me how he Ruby crying constantly made him want to ‘top himself.’ From that point on i knew i could never respect him again. I’m lucky i got out of that relationship. I was tired of having to mother him and pay for his life, when my role was simply ‘girlfriend.’

Now i’ve moved on, engaged and the happiest i could ever be with Keiran. I do look at Pete and feel sorry for him, but really he used me and continues to do so. Guilt isn’t love. What i have with ‘handsome’ Keiran is a fated love..a true love…one that could be talked about for centuries…and well i’ve never ever been on a greater high.

Well done to me for finally getting my shit together! Lots of people are mildy shocked at the speed of our commitment, but in Wunna land that’s how romance works. It should be fast, expressive and surprising and not pre-planned ‘will love you that way then’-age. We’re doing everything the right way and i love love love love LOVE IT.

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