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Woke up this morning naked in bed with ‘Loverboy’ in a hotel room, that we found in the early hours of the morning, after a night on the tiles, drinking…in the name of love and celebration. I had an really fun night. I mean freezing, but fun. He picked me up at 9pm, shirted and coated. I was boobied and little dressed in heels and well after a ‘You look beautiful’ and a smile from the old ‘Wunna,‘ he drove us to Leeds for a decent amount of wine and cocktails. We had an amazing time and faced the cold of Leeds, hand in hand and pretty much ready for a drinky. Any night where you end up naked in a hotel room…must be pretty decent.  I did tweet my ‘laid in bed’ moment this morning and got told off by @Wazza, who believes that it really must be quite odd to be with a girl, who after you have enjoyed a bit of a sexy ‘doo daa’ with, rolls herself over, grabs her pink BlackBerry and Tweets. Romance is alive. We spooned all night, like delicious, happy drunkards. It felt good. He’s loving and OMG has the hottest body…that i didn’t really even know he had! Nice surprise for a little Glamour Puss. I’m a lot more ‘girly easy’ than i thought. I mean, show me a bicep or a little bit of six pack and i’ll *swoon* and plan a wedding. I will get back to this part…*Wink pout* No need for a party in ya pants, just yet…

First let me take you back tomorrow afternoon 1pm. Okay, so during the day i was in London for a BIG meeting, concerning TV…and all that jazzy wazzy. I was in over the knee, black stockings socks, (saucy) with a wink and a hair toss. Gorgeous weather…I mean i come alive in the sun. I winked at a few excited builders, ( i do love builders..they are my favourite fans.) I waved at passerbys, (some bothered, some not.) I got hit on by the ‘Big Issue tramp,’ (who claimed to be rich in the trouser department.) I was feeling quite popular on the merry whole, happy to be back in London and enjoying the attention…when all of a sudden i looked up and realized i was, in Covent garden, standing infront of a belly dancing shop…and had no idea where i was supposed to be.

If you know me, you’ll know i have zero sense of direction. I kinda strut along and others find my way for me. I had to find ‘Box Bar’ (that i was calling ‘The Box’) for a lunch meeting, and well who knew how helpful a man at a belly dancing stand would be. I played girly and pouted and before you know it…’Man’ had sauntered his way up to help. Within 5 minutes of eyelash batting, he had BOUGHT a map of London, found out where we were, traced the correct direction to my destination and written down the step by step journey for me…and fast because i kept telling him i needed to be there already. 🙂

It took me about 10 minutes and i was posing outside The Box, ready for my meeting in Covent garden by Chicago..However, this is all AFTER…not being able to find my way there AGAIN. Yet being able to find my way to firstly ‘

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