Love, Life and Haters


Well, have I had the busiest weekend in the world ever, or what!!! 🙂 I’m currently rushed off my ninja feet and i’m juggling it with glamour and panache. I feel like i’m achieving more than i could ever believe and by accident (Infact my friend ‘Booty’ claims that I state everything I achieve is accidental, when really it’s down to pure genius.’ 🙂 I apparebtly never take the glory, unless it’s in the name of humour. (Trophies please.)

But yes, busy weekend..However i an’t wait until Christmas and well my upcoming BIRTHDAY! I mean, instead of worrying about life, i live it and hope for the best. i hope that all business that I untake goes well, all men that I fancy, love me back and all dreams that I keep my fingers crossed for..come true. It’s weird how wrongly people read me, as i skim through comments and messages from randoms who have seem a blog post here, or  sponsored picture there…and it pisses me off, because to actually know me as a person, a being is a completely different. I’m a lto different to how people perceive. I’m gentle, fun, mildly idiotic, but loving, heart warming and willing to place my sorry arse on the line for a laugh. Yet simply because i wear too much eyeliner, or have a set of boobies that are silicone…makes others believe different. I don’t actually look bad without my face on. 🙂 Well, i don’t look as bad as you want me to look. Lol. Shitty, but true. Lol. On the whole,  I’m a lot less ‘fakey diva’ than people wish me to be and i’m actually a lot less insecure as dear folk think I am. I’m happy go lucky. I’m a chick, a great mum, who works hard and is weirdly doing well. I know..i’m even shocked, But kinda not, as i’ve always been driven and had a goal. I get them, because i try hard to.

I’m looking forward to a Christmas break as I’ve worked my pretty booty off and if i need anything, i just need a cuddle and to be spoiled rotten, loved and adored. I need a fricking massage and a date please Cupid. Yet In my heart, i’m ready for the real deal and now ready to take the next step when it comes to embracing a love life, as before i was always quite, ‘no, no, no.’ However, now, my love channels are all open and willing to wiggle, wink my way into lurve. All it’s about is feeling ready in your heart, then you don’t have to put people through the bullshit. I’m ready…gimme gimme. I’m just looking for a hero. And i’ll hold out for one. I’m certainly the opposite to ‘Deirdre Desperado.’

Today, i was dead good with people. I enjoy people naturally. Getting to know them, learn about them and not judge them. I’m great with people, to the point where I bollocked for it at around 4.14pm today with a ‘GOD! CAN’T YOU STOP BEING NICE TO PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY KEEP FLOCKING AROUND HERE AND WE WANT TO FUCKING GO HOME.’ lmfao

But whilst i’ve worked all day long and i do for the rest of the week, until it’s my birthday, in the back of my mind i’ve had an issue wedged in the back of my mind, Isn’t it awful. Y’know, when you can’t quit thinking about something or someone…and no matter what’s going on in your life, you find yourself or your mind going back to that thought. (HAHAH, sorry just pissing myself at the fact that a sixty year old lady showed me a sausage that looked like a raw willy today and had giggle about it.) But yes, i have something on my mind and i’m waiting for Skype to produce some kind of loveliness to ease my tormented mind. 🙂 I must be some kind of plonker, but really, i’m just passionate and always hope for the best. Fingers crossed.

I need a hero.

Okay, other than that and dirty, raw, pension is good. I’m really lucky and that’s why all that the negative that people say doesn’t effect me at all…and simply because i know how lucky I am.

But yes…my first birthday present to myself arrived today and it was a pair of mink, leather Jimmy Choo’s. I loved them, so i bought them…from Harrods, to celebrate being another year older on Friday and just Female Independance. Chicks that can buy their own glammy shit, are extremely attractive. 🙂 I also have a Prada bag on it’s way, a Louis Vuitton mini satchel and I’m waiting got order the Louboutins that I want. Happy birthday to me. BUY LASHES.

I know, i’m ready for love right now because my little Burmese heart is aching for some kind of companionship. Awful when that happens and you might not have it, the way you want it. But great when you do.

The good thing is that i’ve been through so much over the last year and i made it through the wildnerness. I conquered it and sealed with a ‘ready baby.’ It takes a whole lot of girl to do that, as I know chicks who mull over shit for years.

All i know, is matter what wonderful things are going to happen to me. Why? Because it always does.


Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂











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