Love, Licks, Louboutins and Lashes

Hey, my Pusses of ‘ooh laa.’ I’ve had a busy day, topped off with a juicy dollop of ‘Motherhood,’ sprinkled over with a shimmie of love, dashed with dazzle of fun friendship, and a lash line FINALLY up and running online! FINALLY!ย I know!

So, far i’ve only sold three pairs, so i hope that you all decide to make them your number 1 stocking filler, little treat, dinner table favours (awesome idea by the way….as they are the PERFECT gift to have waiting for ‘da ladies’ at a dinner party this Xmas ) and well truly support ‘Chrissie Wunna Lashes.’ I’m lucky in the sense that lots of people have visited my lash site and from all over the jolly land. It has been quite busy, to say i only made it live last night…and through the entire day. However, it still needs to sell. SO, buy it. Treat yourself. Spoil yourself! Lash those ‘babies’ UP! It’s classy, it’s luxury and it’s fun! (Mink.)

It’s actually Theo’s birthday today (who i named one of my lash styles after) so i’m giving everyone ยฃ5 OFF every order for today..before i start my big launch sale.

But anyway, away from all that. I don’t think i’ve been happier. My little heart is filled with excitement and when that happens my world turns it’s thumbs up, my wink adds a wiggle and everything falls into place just nicely nicely. I mean, when part of your day consists of someone shouting ‘CHRISTINA COME HERE” and at the end of the ‘come here’ is a screen saved phone picture of a drag queen, who starred in Ru Pauls Drag Race show, dressed in an all in one silver, shiny lycra space suit, with an over pour of lumps and bumps in all the wrong places…you know life is great. PLUS, to top it all off, the lady who showed me the piccie, decided to share that the purpose of her Christmas was to make that outfit and wear it to the pub. She’s Yorkshire…she’s funny, she’s older and well…she married her husbands because on their first date he made her an omelette. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her exact words…’As soon as he made me the omelette, i thought he’ll do,’…and she married him. LOL. Love it. Hilarious! I’m a bit of harder pull than that, as it takes more than a bit of egg. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean some girls get diamonds. Yet, it’s still romantic in the oddest kinda way. Put it this way..she hasn’t been married three times, let’s say. HAHA. Her omelette making fella, has stood by her through thick and thin…for years. I soooo hope she makes that drag queen space suit. (Welcome to Wunnaland.)

It’s Christmas time and when it’s Christmas time i really want to be as social as possible, with it being my birthday month. I find December a big month for me to celebrate everything…and i want to. However, i’ve got to try and fit it all in, in between work. It’s sort of a ‘chill’ month for me where i wind down after all the drama that the year has presented me with. ๐Ÿ™‚ And boy was this year filled with the craziest amount of drama. I truly haven’t had a more emotional year. But i’ve just got on with it merrily and celebrated being a ‘toughie.’ Luckily…it seems to be ending on a high. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m like a hot cat! I always, always seem to land on my feet…accidentally.

Right now a lot of interesting things are happening, exciting things…..things that could make a nun strip down to her undies and jiggle nipple tassles to Kylie tracks…so make sure you reach for your reading glasses and stay tuned. I’m feeling confident, filled with that good old ย self worth and just smiley…in general. (I’m sure i have kebab thighs right now.That doesn’t make me smiley…but fuck it….a girls got to have a kebab once in a while! lol. *Gips up here.* I actually love kebabs.)

So, i’ve done my own ‘Dear Santa’ gifts already. I could never wait for girly bits of luxury and simply because i was DYING to treat myself for working sooooo hard this year. I think it’s important for women to treat themselves or get spoilt, when they deserve it. I’ve been running around like the clappers, that i just needed a surprise, a treat, just spoiling. I didn’t have anyone to spoil me…so i did what any independant girl would do and i bought my Pink Prada handbag and pink Louboutin pumps MYSELF!! They are currently en route to my home in Ponty. Hurrah! It has weirdly made me feel so much better about life. I mean, call me a material girl, but i reckon i’m just a bit of a glamour puss.

Okay, i’m knackered now and i’m watching ‘I’m a Celebrity.’ I’m hungry. I need a rest and well…GO BUY LASHES.

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