Love is All you need

Was mildy bored, but after a phone call from my baby boo boo, Loverboy, i once again feel on top of the world. I get really excited when i get to see him, and whilst i made myself a warm chicken sandwich, on a stool covered in napkins, with my pink phone attached to my left ear, that delivered the voice of my little ‘pudding pie’…life got all exciting once more. All you need is love! Nothing else matters. You just think it does.

I’m feeling extremely happy, free, playful and oh so ‘lovely lovely’ right now and well yeah i think a drink is in order. Well it’s always in order. I celebrate every minute of any ‘being’s’ life. Why not! Life is a blast of sexy jiggery pokery. I’ve grown up a lot, over the last couple months. I’ve worked. I’ve had fun. I’ve lived and i’ve loved. I’ve cut out all negative people in my life, simply because they don’t deserve any attention and i’ve moved into a ‘happy place’ that i didn’t even know existed. Along with the grabbing of giant scissors, and the cutting out of ‘party pooper’ space. (We all know i love a party party, but if you poop at mine, you will get thrown out, after an uncomfortable ‘feel up’ and simply for frowning at me,) i’ve been re-openning the door to good folk of my past who i can now adore. I’ve brought old faces back in that i’ve missed so much. I like good people and well there’s always room for them on my list. (Know that if you’re sexy or shirtless, there will also always been room for you on my list of ‘hubba hubba.‘)

Right now i’m wallowing in a lot of love from the gentleman. I can’t add them all on Facebook, simply  because today there were 504 of them. I’ve decided the Facebook friend limits suck ass. I’ve had to put them in a line of ‘wait,’ and i hate that. I’m social i need to talk to everyone and if i hate anything, apart from being locked in rooms, it’s WAITING! *Pout* (Oh and i saw one magpie AGAIN today!)

I’m feeling fabulous. My good friend Harriet is newly ‘single’..which means we can go cause some rather sexy and terribly annoying behaviour. When we’re out, we’re always quite troublesome and because we drink far more than we can handle. We’ve actually switched roles. We’re both in new chapters. Harriet has been a taken girl for a rather long while and well i’m usually always single. 🙂 (And we all love that.) But crazy shit has happened and now i’m looking to my right and i have the same male face there..and have doen for a while now…which obviously confuses me and well Harriet, will now have a delicious series of new faces on her right hand side…that lucky little floozey.

I always thought i was never cut out for relationships, because whenever i tried, they’d usually fall to pieces and mainly because i’d always choose the wrong boy. I have great MALE role models. A wonderful father and well my first marriage was Divine, therefore any boy has big shoes to fill. I don’t really take nonsense and i want to inspire that in girls, young and old. Women are strong, we’re really strong and we’re fortunately VERY sexy. We are not only mens Ultimate weakness, but we have power. I mean the simpliest thing…like a *wink* can give us it immediately. *strut-strut-pout* Once a girl knows she has feminine power and works it…then she is *sizzle.* Don’t be afraid to…no matter what anyone says. We are delicious!

Anyway, i’ve got to go get ready, pout a bit at my mirror image and swear for fun. I’m out with Loverboy tonight. We might just chillax, but any time i have with him is precious much. If you do anything tonight, have fun…share a secret, plan a happy!! Don’t listen to anyone but YOU. Forget what the haters say, and *wiggle* that vodka down you.

I love you all my kittens! I’m doing sooo weelll! Thankyou for everything!

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