Love, De-cluttering & Magic

Feeling like i want to make cupcakes, which is odd, as i’m not a girl who would ever want to make cupcakes and simply because baking is not my forte. I try not to do things that i’m not good at. Some might see that as bad. But i see it as clever. I want applause and to be worshipped. You don’t get that via being rubbish at something. (Well some people do. Yet being a girl, who will quite promptly receive ‘hate mail’ even for doing something great like charity, means i’d rather not risk it. )  In school, i did score an A* in Home Economics, meaning that if i could be bothered to bake, i’d be able to. Yet there is the key to have to be bothered. If there’s no passion, then you’re fighting a losing battle. I thought i wanted to make cupcakes, not at all thinking that i would ever follow through with it. (As soon as i get to the supermarket to purchase the exciting ingredients, i’d just see pre-baked cupcakes packed and stacked on the shelves and buy them instead. What can i say? I’m a convenience girl. The idea of it takes my mind on an adventure. Yet the reality of it…puzzles me.) I’d probably find it easier to hunt down a Baker and marry him, to ensure a lifetime of cupcake joy, than actually buy the ingredients and make them myself. WEIRDLY, Wazza (who runs and manages this site and my  Cyber land existance) would be truly tremendous at baking cupcakes, as he’s become a really amazing cook in his old age and i only say ‘weirdly’ simply because he spent his entire time burning things and creating Home Economic diasters at school. Everything he made, be it a stir fry, curry or creamy cake, was made with bananas.

Bottom line..don’t know whether i’ll make cupcakes, as i only want to make them because i feel like i’m not doing anything for Halloween and being a mum, you sort of feel like you need to conjour up some magic for every little bit of holiday, even if your baby is only 1 years old. I haven’t even carved pumpkins or anything, to celebrate the dawn of this years spook-fest. I’m not even swanning around in fancy dress, because preggoness has got the better of me and made me feel lethargic. I can’t even do my hair without moaning a little. I think it’s really not down to laziness…and a lot of me is always down to laziness. Yet more because i’m not one to care or have ever cared about Halloween and that reason is simply because i want it to hurry up and get to CHRISTMAS. (Which if you didn’t know is my absolute favourite time of year. The warmth, the excitement, the ‘oooooh.’)

Anyway, i will tell you that i’ve actually had the most lovingly glorious week here in Wunna land. Yeah, i’ve been a bit sicky. Yet i have been thoroughly and utterly loved, cared for, helped and looked after this last week and it’s really made a difference. I’ve also enjoyed lovely morning breakfasts out, with the ‘arm candy’ and little cosy lunches where you enjoy life by a fireplace and remember the memories over steak and salad. Everything is perfect and fairytale again, which simply makes me feel at ease, as nothing is worse than being preggo and feeling stressed or ‘half full.’

I am currently very whole and feeling aptly adored and i’m realizing that things in life, when you have a family, really does take TWO people. You need that balance in order to make it all work, without losing your mind. (My mind is all i have left. I mean i left my diginity and my soul with the Devil a few years back.) When you find that balance and TWO, then you really can overcome everything. Having a beautiful one year old, and being pregnant, whilst being a new wife and trying to juggle and carve a career in entertainment all at the same time is not easy. Yet when everyone ‘mucks in’ it’s the simpliest thing in the world and the only thing that matters, as it gives you that slice of much needed happiness.

I’m lucky to have a great deal of help. I have a lot of support at home and a lot of love holding me up, from my actual friends and family and well you lot. I know feel really strong to the point where all the adoration now completely out weighs any negative. It sort of all gets *boom blasted* away with wiggles and swag.

Anyway, the rest of the day has been given away to de-cluttering. We’re doing out the house for Christmas, so having a mighty clear out. I’m actually really good at the throwing out of things. I’ve spent my entire life chucking things out of my life, be they bad habits, clutter, other peoples stuff or…boys. 🙂 I’ve packed pointed and given the ‘chuck that out’ signal to almost everything. So today will be a breeze.

C-ya Dolls. Be sexy.

FYI/ It’s 57 days til Christmas.

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