Love, Attention and The Wedding


You can never find a bobble when you need one. Like i’ve said… I’m crapola at ‘doing hair’ and if you wish to rock a delicious bit of ‘hair-do-do’ it really doesn’t help. I need a pocket sized gay with a tail comb and a ton of hairspray to pop out of my handbag every 6.9 minutes and groom me. I don’t even have extensions in right now (i know…i’m a sinner.) But bottom line, when you need a bobble…(and i’ve recently bought three of those bundle packs filled with bobble delight…) you can never ever find one. I mean, i can’t even whop it up, in a scruffy ‘updo’ to hide the fact that i’m an ill doer of hair.

Anyway, life is unbelievable right now. Unbelievable! ‘Handsome Keiran’ and i are madly in love. It feels so real that it even gives me the giddies. I’m soo comforted by him being my ‘forever.’ (He looked at me yesterday on the way back from our wedding venue and with a warm heart of ‘you’re going to be my wifey’…he said, ‘i’m going to look after you forever.’ Awwww.)  I honestly have the most amazing man in this entire world….even if we have hairspray wars and i have to get picked up in a baby cradle position and spun around a LIVING  room out of love, excitment and hyperactivity. (I’m only 5ft 3. People like to pick me up and spin me. It’s odd…especially when you’re 31..and have tits. :)) We’re really playful and filled with ‘ooh laa’ right now and we spent pretty much all of the weekend being a cozy, fun couple, full of tickles, laughter, early morning rising, ‘Dating in the Dark,’  silent sex and cuddles. The love part of our relationship couldn’t be any better, neither could the ‘family’ part. The work part is nerve wrecking…and because we are both so highly ambitious. We’re going to do amazingly…but i guess i’m just a girl who studies her path to the future, to make sure it plays out correctly. It’s really not all wiggles and boobie winks, like i say it is, as my head is working all of the time to guarantee the ‘dream everything.’ We’re on the right path and i can’t WAIT to ‘high five’ life with a big breath of relief and a jolly old ‘i fricking DID IT.’ 




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