Love, Appreciation & Nudes?

All anyone needs is that little bit of love. It is the NUMBER ONE thing (other than life) that we all have in common. It’s the NUMBER ONE thing that each one of us searches for, tries to hold on to or treasures. 

Be good to people. They’ll remember you for it. (Be bad to people & YOU’LL remember it. It’ll niggle in the back of your head for decades, until you have the opportunity to ‘make it right.’) 

I zoomed through my newsfeed on my ‘socials’ yesterday & all I saw were pictures of my friends being all coupley, all gushy and in love. Date nights. Surprise flowers. Rare lovey dovey holiday photos. It was lovely. I liked it. I loved it. It made me smile. 

But then it made me mini jealous because..well…I’m not in a position  where I can do that, am I? I mean, ‘flaunt’ love. Y’know those moments of happiness…which I’ve kinda just rubber stamped as the ‘NUMBER ONE’ most important thing in our entire existence. Haha. 

I just have to remember the moments in my gin brain…which isn’t the best because I’m sure my mind won’t make it to 80, when I can actually TELL  you some proper stories. 

You will do utter faces of ‘shock!’ 

Our ‘Socials’ are great because ALL we have to do is selfie something, a treasured moment of joy and well Facebook will remind us of it year after year…EVEN if we don’t want them toooo! Haha. I hate some of my memories. I couldn’t cringe more. Then the ones I thought I had handled or ‘rummed’ out are presented to me once more, almost lovingly ! It’s EVIL! Haha. 

(Predictive text is ace. Whenever I type ‘NUMBER One,’ it keeps coming up as ‘NUDES.’) 

Anyway, it was lovely and a refreshing change to my weekend newsfeed. We’re back to Monday now, so it all might go tits up.. 

In Summer we all tend to get a little friskier, don’t we? Haha. We all tend to have cheekier glints in our eyes. We’re flirtier. We’re more open to fun. ‘Carefree’ is packed in our suitcases, with a side of ‘all the gin.’ We dip our toes in the pools of ‘no regret’ and were less scared to give new opportunities a go, right? Some of us do it all bikinis. It’s a strange time. Haha. 

The sun makes us do crazy things. (Notice how I’m currently trying to blame ‘the seasons’ now for everything.) 

But anyway, I’m getting distracted. 

All anyone needs is love. Cherish someone. Nurture someone. Be there for someone through the rough bits. Still be there for them through the great bits. Treat someone. Show unbreakable support. Show kindness. Be understanding, where you can be. Be fun. Show respect where it’s due (it’s not always due)….and do so without them having to prompt you. (Nothing is worse than having to prompt someone to be extra lovely to you. I always think people should just KNOW!!! Haha.) 

APPRECIATE someone….and when you do really great things happen. If you make someone’s world flourish, life will thank you for it later, threefold. 

Good times, good luck and good love are always just around the corner. 

 (Oh & don’t drink too much in the sun. It keeps giving me heat stroke. Happy Sunshine! It’s meant to be a sizzle of one today.) 

All MY love, 

Chrissie x

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