Love, Alarms & Folding Chairs..,

Alarms though. I haven’t been able to sleep because my neighbour’s burglar alarm sudden popped off last night, all jolly, with b’zinga. It decided to ‘sound away’ for a good couple of hundred hours. It was like an futile, yet endless ‘Robbers Rave,’ that no one showed up to. My neighbours must be away, deaf or can’t remember codes? 

That made everything more fun….for no-one. Haha. 

The kids slept straight through it. (Saying that, I did once sleep through an Earthquake in LA.) But there I was, in my kimono, no face and specs…peering out my window like Old Mother Hubbard with an Oriental squint. 

I was doing that thing where you try and figure what it is, where it’s coming from and making sure it wasn’t coming from anything belonging to you. Lol 

I definitely knew it wasn’t coming from anything belonging to me…I checked. But I kept re-checking and I have no clue why? #issues

I’m usually helpful. This time…because I’m keeping my life simple, I just shut my window, got back into bed and laid staring at the ceiling. 🙂 (I’m an inspiration. Lol.) It looked like drama that really shouldn’t have anything to do with me. I didn’t help at all. Tragic behaviour really. But I play to my strengths and that wasn’t one of mine. 🙂 

It’s like in acting class I’ll smash my scene. I’ll love it. I’ll watch it back. Everyone tells me they love it also. I’ll get great feedback…But oh my GOSH, I can’t seem to work a folding chair for the life of me!Haha. It folds away! Everyone can do it. Not me!?! How the hell does a folding chair fold? 

American Girl: ‘It’s the hardest part of the class for her! Haha.’ 

Voice: ‘I think she’s used to things being folded away for her.’ 

#truestory (I am shocking at everyday menial tasks. It’s not a strength. I usually just wink and stuff happens…Haha. We should stick to our strengths.) 

Anyway…back to alarms!!! 

I hate alarms. I even hate waking up to alarms I’ve set myself…simply because I believe our bodies should just wake naturally. We shouldn’t be shocked up! It’s bad for the soul, I’m sure! Lol 

The only alarm I’ve loved waking up to was in 2009 and it was BBF Samuel’s ‘Little Mermaid’ alarm. Who knew ‘Part of Your World’ was a great way to slowly rise from dream land. (Saying that…I WAS disturbed during that time. I HAD just had a month of my life, where I was trapped in a pink, fluffy Paris Hilton house aired on the telly, for the masses to mock, in the name of entertainment.) 

Wait! The kids are making me super glue toy cranes…

What I actually wanted to say is…IT’S SUNDAY and I hope you have the most wonderful day possible. To everyone reading this…thank you SO much. To everyone messaging me! Again, thank you deeply. I just feel like Wunna Land grows and has all this lovely support because of you. 

I chop and change A LOT, but the thing is…that’s life. That’s how MY life is. It’s how I develop as a person. Therefore my blog AND socials kinda stay true to that. 

Y’know, I’ll sometimes look back at stuff and cringe. But when I flash back, I remember how much I loved it at the time. Or how much I didn’t! 

If you just tinker onward, make the correct changes that are true to your heart and make the most of what you have…good things happen. They really do! 

Y’know, you might get a little bumped and a little bruised along the way…But lessons are there to be learnt and you can change a dodgy chapter, whenever you wish to! All it actually takes is a decision…but ‘wishing to’ is a really good start. 

Have a wonderful day. 

Lots of love, 

Chrissie x

Ps/ ‘Hustle Barbie’ loved my last blog! I was accidentally vegan again today! 😉

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