Lost my phone…

I’ve lost my phone. I have no clue where it’s disappeared to? I lost it last night. It must’ve fallen out my bag, somehow? I’ve done the ‘find my iphone’ thing. I’ve wished upon stars. I’ve retraced ALL my steps.

No joy…

I literally have no access to any of my social accounts, or my email account until I’ve sorted it all out, because…and of course…I have everything on a two factor authentication vibe…Meaning my accounts can’t be accessed without a special ‘text to my phone’ code. Lol. A phone that I kinda don’t have? Haha.


But hopefully all will be sorted out shortly OR I might even find it!

If you have it…please return it to Wunna land. If you don’t….that’s fine…Yet if you receive my messages from my number, (until further notice) it’s not me.

I can however currently be contacted at this email….(in the meantime.)


But yes…i’m currently filming, ‘L’appel du vide,’ so alls actually truly well.

Everything happens for a reason and right now…I’m not meant to have the comfort of my phone. Lol

L’appel du vide’ is a really internal film. It’s filled with dark places, raw thoughts and excessively deep realisations. It’s a mentally emotional film and I’ve chosen to go with ‘method’ for my wee bit of ‘i am the female lead’ acting. I want to get it right and do the role justice.

Day 1, has been wonderful! I was definitely in a creepy basement…in pink satin sheets. The movie is going to be stunning….

I can’t wait to be able to share it with you….

Big love! All the kisses…

Look after you’re phones…it’s rubbish when you lose them. 🙂


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