Losing My Life

The worst has happened. A book that i scribble down my mind in, my secrets, my fodder for blog writing, i have carelessly misplaced. The problem is, i have misplaced it in a random PUBLIC place. Major Bollocks! This could seem like another Chrissie Wunna Drama Queen alert, yet really, i’m like shitting myself. Not because everyone will know my secrets, but because everyone will know my secrets AND think that i’m a complete weirdo. I swear it’s like ‘The Memoirs of a Lunatic,’ the sequel. The good thing is, it’s not ‘looney’ as in ‘Mariah Carey’s Breakdown,’ it’s ‘looney’ as in chimpanzees, and glitter. (ha-ha!) No really it has some really heart-felt personal stuff in. Tragic!! It’s an awful feeling. It makes you feel so exposed. It’s the not-knowing whether anyone had picked it up and is reading it, in their sneaky little grotto. (Love how i think Santa has found it.)  I’ve misplaced my ‘LIFE.’ How not very clever of Me! I’m sure you’re meant to do something so irresponsible, in a more sexy environment, and not in the exotic climates of Yorkshire.

This has happened four times previous, but in LA! I’ve left my ‘life’ in a coffee shop at ‘The Grove.’ I’ve left my life in a gas station. I also left it in a ‘7 Eleven’ and i moved out of an appartment and bloody left it in an old chest of drawers!! UGH! So annoying. I’m so irresponsible. I carry a notebook, with me at all times, to jot down memories. This is why i shouldn’t do it. I never learn. There’s a lot to be said about someone who never learns. They have stories to tell, that are read by strangers in sneaky grottos.

At the end of the day i’m not too bothered. I’ve lost so many un-important things (ahem,) that belong to other people, that i’m immune to the feelings of loss. Met a guy this morning, whilst i was purchasing eggs. He said i was much ‘nicer’ in person. I like that, it’s the happiest i’ve ever been with eggs in my hand…even though the word ‘nice’ is often a bit ‘McCringe.’ Oh and if you are calling my home phone and leaving me random messages….DON’T!

It’s my best friend in LA’s BIRTHDAY today, so just wanted to say I LOVE YOU!! Happy Birthday THEO!!! You sexy bitch!!

Chrissie Wunna

9 thoughts on “Losing My Life”

  1. Sorry to hear about the misplacement of your notebook. Also – interesting that someone met you while purchasing eggs who said you were nicer “in person.” Did he know you from your online appearances?

  2. Hi Brett, long time no ‘comment’ lol… Love that u figured out the whole avatar thing. I only just did last night. Shameful!

    I know, it’s terrible isn’t it! It makes me feel all awkard. but whatever, there’s nothing i can do now…

    Yeah, the ‘egg guy’ reads my blog or something? Glad to see u still tune in! I thought i lost ya! hahah
    Big winks! x

  3. i can get it back for u babe give us a bag and i will return it lol. in all honestley i hope it gets retured to u babe. i lose thing all the time that is why i dont write down me thoughts that and i cant be bothered i just let em out after a few stellas. is the grave in la like the grove on the hill where u can play snooker pool and purchase turbo?


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