Losing by One point

So my Zoo first timer thing!! I am currently LOSING by ONE point. The current leader has a 9.1, and i have a 9.0. Last night, and due to a ‘force beyond my means,’ i was winning with a 9.3….only to wake up and notice that i was down 3 points. I am staying very calm, yet completey frantic. I am almost getting my period, i have a shortish fuse, and i’ve just noticed how many truely amazing people i know, who really proper HELP me, in my hour, or 5 day vote, of need!!

I just wanted to say THANKYOU soooo much, and i will do proper thanking later, after i see the Zoo result!! I unfortunately have to work all day, and tend to daddy, so i shall not beable to monitor my Zoo First timer progress. So all i want to say is, IF YOU HAVE NOT AS OF YET VOTED FOR ME…..PLEASE PLEASE DO….i am one point behind the leader, and i’ve  already promised a ‘special someone a cyber blowjob’ if i win. (You know who you are!!! Wink Wink)

It’s all at zootoday.com   then click on ‘Firts timers ‘August week 3.’  Voting closes today, so get McCracking!! I need tea!! I love you!!

…as i am writing this i have just been informed that i am now an 8.9, my score is going down..lol…   (well isn’t that fucking charming.)

1 thought on “Losing by One point”

  1. the cuntz chrissie do u want me to sort the down voters outr for u babe? u should smashi ti babe all the other birds are dog rockets comparied to u babe. i hope u have a good day babe and your old man gets better chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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