So i lost by coming in Second, and well…i’ll give it to her, even though i’m GUTTED, and when i’m gutted i seemed to get just plain old fashioned PISSED OFF!! But thankyou all for voting, it meant a lot, and well…i still fucking hate that i came in second, when i should have bloody won it!! I feel so, ‘Gareth Gates.’ My score ended up going down to an 8.8. (hahahaha) Yet, i guess i was always better at ‘going down’ than i was at rising upward. (Witty joke to hide my pain…she weeps, into her pink hanky.) Like i said at around 2pm, to my dear wizard friend, ‘Fuck it!’ There’s plenty more things for me to win!!! We’ll give her a round of applause. Enough of that, at least i don’t have to give any cyber blowjob rewards now! Bright side!

The other thing that should never happen, is techno music, whilst one is laying on the tanning bed. What is it which Pontefract tanning salons??? I’m trying to get my ‘peace’ on, and bronze a steady caramel colour, and whilst i’m baking in my UV bath, the tanning salon, decides they’re gonna BLAST druggie techno music, into my tanning bed stereo thing, whilst i tan! They didn’t do my ‘peace’ any favours, it made me feel like killing myself with glow sticks!! The bird at the counter, (the chooser of this devil’s music) must have had a good night! I hate druggies, and techno music, and 10am, sooo yeah, it didn’t really work out for me!! Nobody wants to get their ‘happy hardcore’ on,  in a tanning salon in Ponty, or ever really….

I’ve turned into a workaholic, and it’s seriously quite bizarre as i started off as a Lady of leisure. Isn’t that Backwards??? I’m sure you’re meant to do the ‘workaholic’ part first, and end up with the blissful ‘lady leisure’ McThang. Instead of the typical ‘Rags to Riches’ story…i’ll probably end my arse up on a ‘Riches to Rag..in leopard print heels’ story. I need to sort my shite out!! This whole ‘losing’ thing has pissed me OFF!!

Anyway way, i’m gonna go, and watch Big Brother…most random thing said behind my back today, outside an old peoples Tea Room: ‘I hope she fucking swallows.’  Lovely!


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  1. it is a rip of i am pissed of with my country it is embarasing we must be going blind chrissie? u should of smashed it babe but there are plenty more things for u to crack on with babe fuck zoo it is shit anyway nuts is better unless zoo is the one wich has keeley. i only buy em when she is on the cover anyway i hope u have a good weeke chrissie take care treacle tada scratch


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