Looking 4 a Guest To Take to A Fashion show Tomorrow

Hey My Darlings Of ‘Wow, wow, woo-wee.’ Today is the launch of London Fashion week. (Woo-Hoo…get excited) and I have  just had a personal and exclusive invitation to join guests from the Music and Fashion Industry for The Designerblock Fashion & Design Launch Show & Party tomorrow evening. (Which if you don’t know….is massive.) It’s a finely polished evening with a glamourous raw edge, and there have been only 250 exclusive invites that have been sent out. It’s a fun, creative night…with cocktails, even beer on tap, and the movers and shakers of the creative world, be it music, fashion, furniture, entertainment… I think there’s even a kitchen table catwalk?

 There’s press media and familliar faces..and well i’m looking for my ‘Plus 1.’ It could be you….

20 thoughts on “Looking 4 a Guest To Take to A Fashion show Tomorrow”

  1. look no furthr chrissie your night in shinig armour is hear or make that plyester lacoste tracksuit. i will take u if u wan a bit of class and coulture on your arm miss wunna

  2. That is a bit of both.
    I actually had a conversation the other day about shoving otters up your ‘faff’ and it made me think of you! Take that as you will.
    I am going to Big Fellas tonight – don’t act like you’re not jealous. I am going to have to sing mysterious girl and do the robot on my own.

  3. You’re never on your own…i am always there in spirit whenever a combination of Peter Andre and the art of the famous dance craze ‘The Robot’ come together. I LOVE Biggies

  4. I think everyone in Ponte knows you love Biggies you shouted it enough that night.
    If there is any form of ‘west side story’ fight without clicking I will take photos for you.

  5. I think it’s something to do with the 20 + vodka jellys we do between us everynight we are out.
    The other shots we do…
    Plus the buy 1 get one for a penny rum/JD.
    And the free drink in Biggies.
    Or buy one get one free in the strip club.

  6. picked UPON??? haha or picked OUT!!?? Do both be funnier! If you just take scracth then i know it’s a FIX!! We all know hes your fav 😉


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