London Town My Darlings

Omg! I have had the busiest day EVER. I’m currently back in Yorkshire, after being in London ALL day!! I don’t think i’ve worked harder than i have ever worked in my life and i fucking looked AMAZING. It was a day of nothing but business and nothing is sexier than a girl that can ‘business’ her way onto a higher position in life. I looked like ‘Business Barbie’ all black shirted, black trousered,with my file of accounts and devastatingly delicious handbag.

Anyway my day began early. It started off in Camden. I met the most boring person i had ever met, followed by the most excitable person i had ever met, who had a multi-coloured chandelier. Then i cabbed it to London Bridge as fast as my cabbie could take me in the heat. (Gorgeous weather by the way.) Arrived at the BIG meeting of the day which i’m actually not going to tell you anything about. Only a couple people know and as of right now it has to stay that way. I don’t want to jinx anything.

I was told i would get a result by 5pm…I did and got the result i wanted. (Yeah I did.) I got called back in tomorrow for a looong day of work, therefore again i’ll be in London tomorrow ALL day and i’m really excited about this whole thing. I’m doing myself proud. I don’t think i’ve ever felt so powerful and sassy. I got a lot of respect today AND i met a dwarf, who lived in a dungeon, with a grey punk rocker wig on, who pulled me infront of a bus because I was pretty, and tried to chop my head off. I think he said his name was ‘Danny B.’ Hahaha…cute. Oh and i had a bunch of business women try to set me up with their sons, on a train. The fact that they weren’t kidding, worried me. It was awkward. One looked like he had all the teeth in the world in his mouth.

Anyway after than i met up with my gay, at Kings Cross and had gin and tonics, followed by Jack Daniels and lemonades. Then travelled all the lovely way back home. Life is getting amazing. I’m astounding myself even!! LOL. I need to go to bed now. Early start. Got to get to London. Working all day, til 8.30pm. OMG!

Love you more than you know. x

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  1. so do i dave but chrissie dosent want me there . i hope u have a good week babe and i look forward to winning u over and getting on the piss with u one day


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