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Hey My Darlings of Delciousness! I’m back home for a long day of work and working ‘it.’ (lol) And i feel like i’m finally being respected. It’s been a fun day of good old silliness, tanning and stealing things that really aren’t worth the ‘steal.’ I was really ‘without a care in the world’ happy, then at about 1pm, my body conking out on me and my heart ache happened AGAIN. UGH and my mind went straight onto the ‘boy.’ I don’t know what is triggering it, but something is?? I need to figure it out and just remember that he doesn’t give a shit. I’m totally fine all day then there’s always one point in the afternoon, where i completely miss him and my system shuts down. Then i pop out of it again and i’m fine. I need to keep moving and try not to stop. I was at work too, so i couldn’t down a flood of vino. I could use a wine now infact. Ugh i hate the story of my life. Hahaha… I’ve had loadsa messages in, asking me what i like in a man and well…I don’t like an independant, flashy, cocky, flirty man. I like a super romantic, quiet, sweet hero. A  serious, loyal, and loving boy, who’s my best friend. Therefore what you guess i would want is WRONG!! I don’t like boys who have an image of ‘slagging it’ at all. Or ones who treat me badly.

I wonder whether if you intensely think about someone, they think about you too? Like y’know when you have someone on your mind and they weirdly call you at that precise moment. But whatever…i need to quit thinking about it, maybe i should tan? Or eat myself fat. Lol. Or be fanned down by naked dancing boys in togas, who do nothing but adore me & feed me grapes. The fact that that is probably happenning to someone somewhere in the world right now makes me happy. I love it. I’m going to have champers with my dinner, to celebrate strength, pouts and eyelashes. You should too.

Anyway my pretties, my lovelies  I am in LONDON tomorrow for two days. Tuesday i will only be there to get away from Yorkshire. Therefore i will be tossing the day off for good times in the capital. I’m due a break. I’ll grab a few drinks, have a few laughs, enjoy life a good old much, then early night it in my hotel room.

Wednesday I’ll be at Embassy from 7pm onwards with

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  1. Awwwww Chrissie! I’m so sorry to hear of the heartbreak. I oddly enough just got left by a little fucker who cheated on me twice just after our one year anniversary. Twat…anyway moving on! My point is, all I can say is, just remember who you are. You’re “The Wunna”. You are “GREATNESS”. You don’t need anyone else to complete you. You love and respect yourself therefore have everything in the world. Plus you appear to have thousands of people from all over the world who worship you and are inspired by you, me included. You’re a little diamond darling, don’t let heartbreak get the better of you. I know it’s easier said than done, heartbreak is fucked up! A disgusting emotion really. But you, you’re worth so much more than it itself. Try to remember, time is a healer and try to keep pouting and winking until you feel better. I love you. And I’m in London on Wednesday as well, I hope I bump into you by chance haha! Big hugs sugar dumpling! xxx

  2. I cant read your blog because of the bloody compatibilty view thingy grrr.. Where you staying in London tmoro? I have to get a train to pontefract on wends and staying there untill friday then off again. I replied to you sunday when i woke up after having a sleep. The first sunday blog yesterday. Gary x


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