London is Fabulous, and work is Divine

And i’m back from my fabulous working trip in the Capital..the Old smoke…London town. I have endured early mornings, late nights, 3 hour hair and makeup sessions, and pure ‘star treatment.’ I went to shoot a movie, and i basically had to wake up at 3am in the morning, after going to bed at 1 am, the night before, only to get thrown into a lush pink polka dot dressing gown, and puffy white slippers, whilst professionals, armed with beauty supplies and brushes, painted my face & pulled upon my locks from 7am- 10am, whilst offering me bacon butties, cups of tea, then re-powdering my lips like demons on acid!!

I felt like a superstar, and got to work with superstars, so yes, i’m pretty chuffed!!! The director, was LOVELY, the cast we’re soooooo sweet to me, and i met a skinnier than me, preganant blond girl who had her fake, but looked sooo natural boob job, done by jordans doctor, on Harley street. She was an air hostess, and looked divine, ( as in Splendiferous, and not as in Hugh Grants prozzie.) Fun times!! I LOVE MY JOB!! Getting my boobs out, and strangley has really semmed to plummet me up the ladder of greatness. If i knew that before, i would’ve gotten them out when i was 12…lol. It has opened heavy doors that we’re previously tightly closed or slammed in my pretty but ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ face.. I mean, i just did a proper film, and even thought the role was small and my acting is far from Oscar worthy..haha…i still can’t believe it…which therfore means, i’m officially ACE!!!! Oh.. but on the way home, i did actually get trapped at Leciester Square staion, in a non-moving tube, during a bomb threat. It was all very panicky, people we’re rushing around like headless chickens and i thought i was probably going to die, yet figured at least i had great hair, good shoes on, and had just filmed a movie… yet it’s ashame my surroundings smelt like ‘homeless’ and pee?? Not a good way to go out. I laughed all the way through my ‘almost’ merry death, then, God decided to cut me some slack, and made my train, zoom off to safety!! Sucks for the ones that got left behind…hahaha. God likes girls who get out their knockers!!

Anyway, whats up with you?? Sorry, i’ve been gone for so long, yet this bitch has got to make her fine earned pences, in order to reach stardom, and pay da bills..hahahaha!! I love you all, and i’m feeling finer than EVER!! I should be back in action right now, and i will be…yet in the meantime, i’m concentrating on ‘Boob job.’ Oooh la laaaaa!!

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