Living that thang called Life…

FEELING AMAZING, like the juicy Queen of all Kitty Queens. The weather this morning in Pontefract is delicious and i woke up peeking and a giggling…and what in this world is better than that!! I’ve had a long last couple days, mainly of travel, but i don’t mind that at all….I spent 7 hours of yesterday on transportation, being ‘travelled’ into my next part of life. I haven’t  actually had anytime to myself, or a moment to look back, think and laugh. Therefore this morning, waking up, and peeking over my white quilt, as the sun shone in, realizing i didn’t have anywhere to go in a hurry, LIT ME UP! I sprung up with a joyous happiness, ran to my bedroom door and realized i was LOCKED IN!!!! AArrrrggggh! Like that is my worst entire madness!!! I am sooo claustrophic, and i don’t actually just mean physically, i also mean emotionally and mentally. I don’t like to feel trapped, pressured, tied down or stiffled in any way. I’m a free spirit. But after a few darling phonecalls *grabs pink Black Berry* i was out, free and FLYING!

Anyway, Tuesday morning, i went on my way to Wales. I was meant to get on the 9.45 am train, but due to NONE working public transport, i was DOOMED. OMG! I woke up early…and i always do, even if i’ve been out the night before…and i was. I got in at 3.36am, after a weird time in

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